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Hello everyone, I'm Kim, welcome to Beats By Dre Outlet(http://www.mydrdreoutlet.com/)! Many customers do not understand the reaction to me some of the parameters that Beats By Dre, so I had to explain one by one. In fact, these are some of the basic common sense. As someoneasked me who is Dr. Dre(http://www.myfree-blog.com/dr-dre/)?

Today I will write about these things, as we popularize basic knowledge of Best Headphones, this article introduces: What is Dynamic, magnetic and electrostatic headphones? What is the release type with closed headphones? What is a high-fidelity headphones?

Play sound people know that in supporting sound system, speaker's role is pivotal because it is in the whole distortion during playback largest speaker is not easy to choose well. The same token, as the Walkman, "speaker": headphones, also plays an important role, a good Walkman headphones sound reproduction and its expression is absolutely memorable. The following headset buy common sense pick as preparation before purchase, enrich my knowledge, worth a visit.

1. Type of headset

Headphone transducer means in accordance with its classification, there are Dynamic, electrostatic and other magnetic.

We sell mostly belong Beats headphones Dynamic headphones, what is the moving coil headphones?

The working principle of dynamic headphones with dynamic speakers Similarly, the use of static magnetic field, the audio current through the moving coil diaphragm promote sound work. With permanent magnet materials, audio vibrating membrane materials development, and headphone structure and manufacturing technology improved, the current dynamic headphones audio equipment has become an international mainstream, and into the high technical requirements for sound The Hi-End fields. Listening level professional headphones, such as the Sennheiser HD 580, Beyerdynamic DT831, etc., + /-3dB frequency response of <20 Hz,> 30k Hz, passband response curve smoothing is almost completely flat, with high resolving power and dynamic range, transient, restore sound field features such as excellent, which is speaker system can not match.

From the structure of an open, semi-open and closed.

Our sales have been closed Beats headphones are mainly based, as well as some semi-open. What is a closed headphones?

Closed-ear headset with a fully enclosed structure, which can prevent outside sounds enter the ear pressure in large, clear and accurate sound positioning, professional monitoring use more areas of this structure. There are also some closed headphones with open headphones sound field, isolated noise while still maintaining a high quality sound.

From formal wear, there are ear, hanging ear and headphones.

We sell Beats headphones have the above three wearing styles. However, mainly to headset based, such as Beats By Dre Full Diamond, Beats Pro, etc.

Some relevant medical and efficiency of survey data shows that in most ordinary office environment, the long-term answer the phone would often damage the health of staff and reduce efficiency, especially those accustomed to the telephone microphone caught in the head and between the shoulders in order to empty out his hands to continue processing the case of things.

Headset in an office where the application can be traced back to before the advent of program-controlled automatic switch, when all calls have to go through manual switching, use a cable operator to physically plug into a multi-line exchange platform, headphones allows an attendant to the use of hands-free.

Modern office headset general must have the following characteristics:

1) Mobility: Without prejudice to the normal call refers to the case where the range of allowed user activity. Modern office with this wireless headset system generally targets set between 10 meters --- 100 meters, compared to use of specialty wire wired headset, the advantage of the latter can not match.

2) Compatibility: can refer to a common device interface allows users to index --- in addition to this system, other than switching back and forth between devices. Such equipment includes the phone, desktop or laptop computers.

3) Mute and tone adjustment function: Mute feature which refers to the user during a call, meet other people and not want to exchange business or involvement or knowledge of the current object call the function.

4) use the remote hook component, you can achieve remote pick hang.

2. Open vs. closed headphones difference

Open headphones shell is open, open headphones lightweight, sound natural, no pressure. Because it is open, the sound leakage, external noise will enter.

Semi-open headphones are open, the headset is optional, that is, only certain frequencies of the remaining frequencies are open to closed, or in a certain direction is open in the other direction is closed.

Closed headphone housing is closed to prevent the outside sound entering the sound leakage little used in many professional monitoring. Generally the sound is very clear, detail-rich, low-frequency response is very good, for most people, there is a closed closed headphones wearing feeling.

3. What is a high-fidelity headphones?

International Electrotechnical Commission IEC581-10 standard, high-fidelity headset is the main performance: Frequency response of not less than 50Hz to 12500Hz; typical frequency response of the permissible error of ± 3dB; frequency response curve slope does not exceed the per octave 9dB; at 250Hz-800Hz around the unit within the same octave band sound pressure level of the average is not more than 2dB; 100Hz-5000Hz range, the sound pressure level of 94dB, the harmonic distortion of less than 1%, 100db is not more than 3%; headphone frequency response between the 2KHz-5KHz declined to allow to improve the transparency and sense of space.

Most of our high-fidelity headphones Beats headphones, such as Beats By Dre Studio, Beats By Dre Solo HD and so on.

Here I hope to be able to pick the one you like Beats headphones, please remember our Beats By Dre Sale: www.mydrdreoutlet.com