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One Street

One Street Spotlights Ethics to Increase Bicycling


Prescott, Arizona – December 3, 2007 – Embracing ethics as the means for increasing bicycling around the world, a new international organization is cultivating novel ground for the bicycle advocacy movement. Each of One Street's founders has seen organizations of all types hobbled by unethical behavior. They formed One Street on the principle that if organizations working to increase bicycling can break the suction of this tendency, the bicycle advocacy movement will finally leap ahead into the mainstream.

Through One Street's on-call support and web site, leaders learn how to present bicycling as a top solution for climate change, health crises, oil wars and deadly street designs that threaten people around the world. Ethical management is blended with coaching and resources for campaign planning and communications. These basic services are free to any leader of any organization working to increase bicycling – non-profit, for-profit, government, local, state, national and international. One Street's web site www.onestreet.org offers free resources on ethics and management as well as common bicycling issues.

One Street's unique angle is already attracting attention as leaders of organizations large and small contact Sue Knaup, One Street's Executive Director. "My favorite part of the job is helping leaders through the often confusing maze we all encounter as we strive to increase bicycling," Knaup said. "Personality clashes and power struggles hit devoted leaders hard and distract them from their mission. At One Street, our quirky claim to fame is that we understand these tendencies and how to overcome them."

While One Street's basic services are free, they rely on donations from their Supporters to keep the doors open and phone lines paid. Supporters can then tap into One Street's higher level programs that include an international listserv, forums on specialized subjects and other networking opportunities for connecting with leaders around the world who are increasing bicycling. Supporters also receive prominent recognition on One Street's web site and other promotional materials. And Supporters can create their own special projects with One Street for increasing bicycling. One Street's name suggests that all streets are connected and thus our actions affect and can help others around the world. This kindness and responsibility are inherent in all of One Street's generous Supporter organizations including: Fuji Bicycles, ADFC of Germany, Arizona Internet Marketing, Ironclad Bicycles, as well as individuals.



Sue Knaup
Executive Director