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Ventura Bike HUB

The Ventura Bike HUB
Website http://www.vccool.org
Founded 2012
Location Ventura, California, USA
Services Offered
Mission Statement Our mission statement has not been formalized - so, informally, our goal mission is to help get people out of cars and on to bikes by making them affordable, understandable, safe, convenient, comfortable, and fun. We have special focus on supporting women at the shop, and are working hard to include Spanish support as well as English.

Ventura Bike HUB is ... Our shop is about one year old. People come in of the street and are amazed at what they learn. We currently have enough volunteers so that every client can work and learn from a mechanic. We also offer a full series of classes and certification to our volunteers in return for their great work with the community. 25% of our clients are women. We have a 50/50 mix Latino/Caucasian,lots of kids come in, and a serious mix of incomes. In short - Everyone Is Welcome to come get excited about bikes!

Contact Info

Office Number is at our Parent Non-profit: (805) 641-2556

Office Current Address is:

50 W. Main St.
Ventura, CA, 93001

We are inside "Connect Ventura" between Paddy's and Garden Street, across from the Von's Shopping Center

Email: action@vccool.org


We "opened" March 2012, and are a project of the Ventura Bicycle Union, which is a project of VCCool. Yah - it's ALL about bikes. We just have lots of ways to slice it.

We're working hard to get a location that is central, and that we can afford! We have two part-time professional mechanics and a part-time program director that's paid. Then we have a number of great volunteers. And very importantly - some fantastic artist that make the whole thing beautiful.

We're just starting to move our shop around to different parts of town so we can get more visibility. Check our website

Services Offered

Open Shop is Every Saturday, 11am to 3pm

Come over, bring your bike, and sign in. Then pair up with a volunteer mechanic, put the bike in a stand and work together on it using our tools. We bring everything to the sight on our bike trailer, so we have limited parts and supplies. We're always biking back to the home garage to get used parts. It's cool though. Stuff gets fixed, people learn, we have fun. It's a $7 per hour donation, used and new parts for sale, and soon - used bikes for sale. We offer mechanic classes to our volunteers, and soon to the public as well.