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The BicycleXchange is an organization of volunteers promoting positive values through community service. We are a network of volunteers linked to nonprofit and charitable organizations, championing the benefits of volunteering. Our incentive: to provide all parts and services to custom build bicycles by allocating volunteers, resources, and community service hours at any registered nonprofit or charitable organization.

For example: build a bike by volunteering, or sponsor a child's bicycle.

BicycleXchange - Community Built Bikes “has excellent potential for growth as a community asset throughout the United States.” -Sam Velazquez, Boys and Girls Club

The BicycleXchange is an interconnected hub of supply, service, and incentive to encourage volunteer participation. This increases awareness of the endless benefits volunteering has to offer. We sponsor Bicycle co-ops to further increase outreach and localize parts distribution, repair, and maintenance. These projects invoke teamwork, skill development, and socially responsible systems for everyone, regardless of age. Our goal is to increase voluntary community participation and promote a model for cost free sustainable transportation. By publicly demonstrating cycling advocacy and community-based initiatives, we boost morale and demonstrate community pride, thus attracting those that are like-minded and instilling in them a practical example which they can then in turn utilize for the benefit of the community.