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Bike!Bike! 2012 Poster

Bike!Bike! 2012 was in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, from 21-24 June 2012. It was hosted by Vancouver's Bike Kitchen


Bicycle Collective Fabri-Culture: Facilitating Fabrication Projects

Recycled Bike Art

Overhauling the Sturmey Archer AW 3 speed hub gear

Wheel Building

Welding, Freak Bikes

Suspensions, Hydraulic Brakes

Zombie Shifters (Bringing Them Back To Life)

MacGuyver Bike Repair

Women & Trans Programming

Acting Like Men (A Guided Discussion About Privilege & Gender)

Volunteer Orientation/Management

Kids’ Programming

Dealing With Difficult Personalities

Financial Planning

In this workshop we discussed the financial difficulties that community bike projects face and brain stormed some solutions that we've found to these common problems.

Here are links to the actual discussion. My apologizes, the sound quality is not great through the whole thing and there are times where it's hard to hear.

The basic idea of the work shop is this:

Financial planning involves creating a goal, that can only be achieved with money. Really evaluate if you can only achieve this goal with money, and also, ask yourself, why do you want this. Is this growth for growth's sake? Is this about my ego and my desire to have a bigger organization that I have power in? Or is this for the betterment of the community? Is this necessary for the shop to continue existing?

Next, determine the coast of achieving that goal. Do research, price it out.

Then, find a way to pay for this goal, either by ridding your org of financial inefficiencies, (the ways your org wastes money, think energy efficient, but with money) or, figure out a way to make more money, either fund raise or increase your revenue.

This last part is of course the hardest part. Getting money. We outlines some tools to help you with getting money. One of the first recommendations is to track your current sources of income. This can be done by filling out a basic "Income and Expenses" spread sheet.

File:Bike collective Spreed Sheet.xls

After you have this data, you can analyse it to understand the economic health of your organization.

Income => Expenses

Memberships => Rent

Stand time => Consumables such as lube, grease, soap, toilet paper, zip ties ect.

Used Parts => Replacement tools and new tools

New Parts => More new parts, expand the inventory

Donation => Volunteer Appreciation and Fun!

Whole Bikes => first, new parts to complete more whole bikes, then insurance. If there's anything left over, and your membership is not currently covering all your rent, (which it probably won't in the first few years of your org or depending on individual situations,) left over money from sale of whole bikes goes to rent. If there's anything left after that, you can start to save this and contemplate an employee

Shop Services (Repair or Classes) => if rent isn't covered by other means, then this should finish covering it. if there is left over, this is where you will get money for employees or contracted work

Grants => What this income is used for is usually explicitly spelled out in the grant. But i would put energy into writing grants for specific programs, this is also a means of paying for specific employees/contract work or getting more/better space

It would be amazing to be able to save 10% of your income (so shave 10% off the top of all the income types). This savings would be used for rainy days, (develop a savings for 3-6 months of operation depending on what your down season looks like, called a "float") and possible expansions into larger or permanent space.

Conflict Resolution

Beginning Stages Bike Collectives

Free Cloud POS / Erply

Modes of Ownership: Board, Non-Profit, Charity, Workers Collective (Panel)


Safe Spaces & How to Maintain Them, Banning Ppl, Etc

Electric Bikes

Polyamory & Couples In Collectives

Riding In Weather Extremes


Bike!Bike! Past, Present & Future (Panel)

Here is the video from this talk. Part four to come...

Alliance for Walking & Biking

Food & Bikes

Africa Needs Your Leftover Bikes!

ABCD Asset Based Community Development

Here are a series of videos of this work shop.

Bicitekas & Bicired

Co-ops On Campus

Deconstructing Bike Porn

Bike Touring

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