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Bike!Bike es una reunión internacional anual organizada por y para personas involucradas en proyectos comunitarios alrededor de la bicicleta. Normalmente se realiza en persona en una ciudad diferente cada año, pero la pandemia de la COVID-19 atoró los planes de la comunidad. En 2021, Bike!Bike!En todas partes! se realizó completamente en línea. Fue un espacio virtual donde entusiastas de la bicicleta pudieron compartir sus experiencias acerca de una variedad de temas como manejo de la pandemia, enseñanza, mecánica, impacto social, mejor acceso a las bicicletas, diversidad y más.

Si te interesa presentar un proyecto/iniciativa que tú o tu organización están realizando, o impartir un taller para compartir nuevas habilidades, o dirigir una conversación relativa a las bicicletas y la comunidad, o algo similar registraté auí

Esperamos conocerles, aprender de ustedes y construir redes juntxs <3

El Comité Organizador de B!B!E!


Bike!Bike! is an international yearly gathering organized by and for people who engage in bicycle advocacy and bicycle community projects. Usually, it is hosted in person in a different city every year but the pandemic threw a wrench in our community’s annual plans. In 2021, Bike!Bike!Everywhere! was hosted online and was a virtual space where bicycle enthusiasts could share their experiences relating to a variety of topics, such as pandemic management, teaching, mechanics, social impact, better access to bicycles, diversity and more.

If you’re interested in presenting a project/initiative that you or your organization is doing, or leading a workshop to share some new skills you learned, or want to lead a discussion on a topic relating to bicycles and community, or anything similar to this register here!

We’re looking forward to meeting up with, learning from, and building networks with you <3

B!B!E! Organizing Committee


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Bike Collective Network

The mission of the Bike Collective Network is to strengthen and encourage communication and resource sharing between existing and future community bike shops. Collectively we can improve a bigger wheel as opposed to re-inventing smaller ones.

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This wiki is here to help bike collectives collaborate and share ideas. Whether you are an advocate, mechanic, or just someone who likes to ride -- anyone can freely edit the content of this site. A history of all changes ensures that nothing is lost.

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Lists of Community Bike Projects

Orgs Now Hiring

Starter Kits

Just starting out? Looking to expand? Before you do anything crazy, start planning! Set clear goals and the path to meeting those goals will also become clear. Follow hundreds of similar organizations by using and contributing to these free online resources...

  1. Starting a Community Bike Shop
  2. Organizational Models
  3. Legal Filings
  4. Insurance
  5. Accounting
  6. Fundraising
  7. Publicity
  8. Strategic Planning
  9. Over 300 examples of Community Bicycle Organizations and International Bicycle Aid Organizations.
  10. Teaching Resources
  11. Common Activities:
  12. Organization Building Resources:
  13. How to find, start, or improve a bike program by bikes not bombs
  14. Suggestions for starting your own community bike shop (in Spanish):

Community Bike Shop

Providing bicycle tools, parts, used bikes and mechanical expertise to the public.

  1. Bike and Part Donations: acquisition, sorting and re-sale. Shop Manual.
  2. Shop Location
  3. Staffing: paid, volunteer or both.
  4. Shop Organization
  5. Shop Recycling
  6. Volunteer Handbook
  7. Layout
  8. Tool lists
  9. Rules
  10. Hours
  11. Capital Improvement Plans
  12. Proper Bike Fit
  13. Maintenance Classes
  14. Software


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