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   | website  = http://www.ogdenbikecollective.org/
   | website  = http://www.ogdenbikecollective.org/
  | email = ogden@bicyclecollective.org
   | town    = Ogden
   | town    = Ogden
   | state    = Utah
   | state    = Utah

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Ogden Bicycle Collective
Website http://www.ogdenbikecollective.org/
Email ogden@bicyclecollective.org
Founded 2002
Location Ogden, Utah, USA
Services Offered
Mission Statement The mission of the Bicycle Collective is to promote cycling as an effective and sustainable form of transportation and as a cornerstone of a cleaner, healthier, and safer society. The Collective provides refurbished bicycles and educational programs to the community, focusing on children and lower income households.

The Ogden Bicycle Collective is a DBA of the Bicycle Collective based in Utah, USA.


  • Tuesday 5:30pm-9pm - Do-It-Yourself Hours
  • Thursday 5:30pm-9pm - Do-It-Yourself Hours
  • Saturday Noon-7pm - Do-It-Yourself Hours


2404 Wall St.
Ogden, UT 84401


  • 801-997-0336


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