Outdoor Bicycle Racks

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An outdoor bicycle rack is a device to which bicycles may be securely attached. It may be free standing or securely attached to the ground or some stationary object such as a building.

Dear Businesses

Outdoor Bicycle Racks not only are greatly appreciated by patron cyclists, but they show that your organization / business stands for healthy active lifestyles. Not to mention bike parking takes up much less space than car parking, leverage that small lot!

You may want to also consider signing up for the Bicycle Benefits program to reward your patrons for making sustainable choices, as well as keep them coming back.

Pre-Fabricated Racks

Bike Security Racks Co

Bike Security Racks Co., Inc. designs manufactures and markets a complete line of indoor and outdoor bicycle racks and bike shelters. Based on more than 35 years of experience in serving the architectural and construction markets, we continually strive to create new and varied bicycle storage systems to suit expanding needs.

Creative Pipe

Creative Pipe, Inc., based in Portland, Oregon and Southern California, was founded with a mission to distribute the finest quality outdoor furniture and bicycle parking racks and lockers money can buy.

Outdoor Fun Store Co.

Outdoor Fun Store sells, installs and services the following items: Swing Sets, Wooden Play Systems, Playground Equipment, Safety Surfacing (including Rubber Mulch), Safety Mats, Ice Rink Kits, Tree Houses, Gazebos, Sheds, Basketball Hoops, Athletic Courts, Golf Accessories, Zip Line Kits, Trampolines, Wood Furniture, Park Benches, Green Houses, Park Site Amenities and most items related to outdoor fun.

Custom Racks

If you want something truly unique, contact some of your local metal artisans and see what custom work they can do.


See the manufacturer for instructions, as all racks and applications may be different.

Also contact your city and tell them you are willing to purchase the rack and donate it to the city if they are willing to install it or better yet put it in the public right-of-way (that space in-between the road and the sidewalk).

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