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Pedal Energy Development ALternatives
Founded 1999
Location Vancouver, Canada
Services Offered
Phone 604-879-2453

PEDAL stands for Pedal Energy Development ALternatives. It is an umbrella organization for several bicycle related projects in the Vancouver area. Currently the main projects of PEDAL are Our Community Bikes, The PEDAL Depot, PEDALs For The People, and Our Community Bike Club


PEDAL grew out of Our Community Bikes (OCB) which was started in 1993 as a project of BEST (Better Environmentally Sound Transportation). The original idea was to provide a do-it-yourself bike shop and recycling service to commuter cyclist in Vancouver. In the spring of 1999, BEST transferred OCB to Pedal Engery Development ALternatives and a new non-profit society was born.


By recycling and refurbishing bicycles, PEDAL takes bikes out of the waste stream, offers affordable bikes for sale, and encourages cycling as a sustainable, healthy transportation choice. Our mission is to:

Empower * Teach people how to fix and maintain their own bikes * Offer work and experience and occupational therapy to volunteers from social service organizations

Enable * Provide free bikes to low-income individuals, as access to transportation is essential to participation in the world and accessing social and economic resources * Develop and distribute pedal-powered technologies in rural and local communities

Educate * Train and teach people to fix their own bikes, learn mechanic and bicycle safety skills * By promoting the use of bicycles and pedal-powered technologies, PEDAL improves our common environment from global climate change

Current Projects

Our Community Bikes

The Pedal Depot

PEDALs For The People

Our Community Bike Club

Past Projects

Maya Pedal From Jan 1998 to April 2001 PEDAL coordinated a partnership-based appropriate technology project in the Guatemalan highlands that recycles old bicycles into pedal-powered agricultural devices. PEDAL continued to support Maya Pedal by training Canadian volunteers and interns until 2004. This project is now run separately by Maya Pedal of Guatemala.

Pedal Works From 2001-2003 PEDAL developed pedal driven technologies for primarily agricultural/food processing application (water pumps, grain mills, blenders), oddball bikes and cargo/load carriers from recycled bikes here in Vancouver.

The Bike Kitchen From 1999-2000 PEDAL worked with the UBC Bike Coop to develop a bicycle shop based on the OCB model.