Proper Bike Fit

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Price range dictates a range of "this will do" all the way to "custom bike made just for you". Where ever you fall on that scale, the better the bike fit, the better your experience will be.

Frame Measurements

Frame Sizes

Measure the distance from the center of the Bottom Bracket to where the top of top tube intersects with the center of the seat tube.


Centimeters (cm)


Inches (in)

Compact Geometry

This is done so that the manufacturer doesn't have to make a frame for every inch / cm, instead they only have to make a few frame sizes, and then size the bike using the components. On a bike like this, you should have 3-4 inches above the top tube.

Sizes: S, M, L

Girl's bikes

Horrible name, because if anyone should be riding these bikes it is boys, but it was dubbed during a time when dresses were more common.

As far as sizing goes, imagine where a boy's top tube would be on a girl's bike frame, that is what you use to determine the correct size.

Youth Sizes

Here is a rough guide of age to bike size. Note that kids obviously vary in size A LOT, so this is a rough guideline using wheel size with some overlap...

  • 12" for Ages 3-5
  • 16" for Ages 4-6
  • 20" for Ages 6-9
  • 24" for Ages 8-14