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Software specific to the exacting needs of Bike Collectives is becoming more pervasive as this phenomenon populates the world, and becomes more mainstream.

Open Source Projects

        “Reuse Bikes and Reuse Code.” 

Yellow Bike Database

“Yellow Bike Project's Hours and Transaction Database” 

Demo Site: Docker Image:
Repository being used:
Initial source code: yellow-bike-hours-and-transaction-database (Database dump date - 2014-07-24)
Additional Repositories: There are additional repositories at GitHub that were created by Third Hand and Plan B. Currently, they are not being developed or maintained. The Community Bike Shop Database (CBDB below) is the newest code base from the Yellow Bike Project that is being developed. The demo is from a repository derived from a slightly earlier version of YBDB that is being actively developed by Positive Spin.
CBDB Repository: (Repository created & database dump date - 2014-12-29)


“BikeBinder is Free Ride's Inventory System application.” 

Demo Site:
Password: password

 Docker Image: 

Related Repository: (label generator)


“Bikeshed is Velocipede's User, Sales, and Bike Inventory Web App.” 

Demo Site:
Logins: Test user buttons may be found at the bottom of the website page.

 Docker Image: 



“Freehub is a member and shop visit application implemented in Rails by the San Francisco Bike Kitchen.” 

Demo Site:
Logins: greeter, sfbk, mechanic, scbc, cbi, admin
Password: test

 Docker Image: 


Bicycle Kitchen POS

“A custom point-of-sale program for the Mac.” 

Info Page: view


Open Source Software Discussions