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Basic Class
'''VéloCity Bicycle Cooperative Basic Maintenance Class'''
=Turning Nuts and Bolts – Right Hand Thread=
=Turning Nuts and Bolts – Right Hand Thread=
= Basic Tools =
= Basic Tools =

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VéloCity Bicycle Cooperative Basic Maintenance Class

Turning Nuts and Bolts – Right Hand Thread

Basic Tools

Basic Trail/Road Tool Kit

Home Tool Kit

Bicycle Anatomy Overview

Bike Types by Function

A – Air, Tires, Tubes & Wheels


Sizes & Types



Tire wear

Removal wheel


B – Brakes Group set Inspection, Lubrication & Adjustments

Brakes & Brake Maintenance - Common Types

General Adjustment

Brake Pad Adjustment

Disk Brake

Drum brakes

Coaster brakes

C - Cables, Chains, Chain ring, Cogs/Cluster

Bowden cables and housings

Chain Wear

Chain rings and cassette/cogs

D - Derailleurs & Shifters

Troubleshooting Derailleurs

Adjusting Derailleurs

Tuning Shifters

Shifting tips

Maintenance Schedule

Before Every Ride

After Every Ride

Once a Month

Every Three Months

Every Six Months


Inspection Sheet

The Variables of Bike Fit



Online References