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Lubrication also known as "lube" or "oil" is used on fast moving places on the bike. Some hubs will use oil instead of grease and chains, cassettes/freewheels, chainrings will also use some kind of lube.

NOTE: WD-40 is NOT a lubricant, it is a solvent AKA cleaner used to free up rusty parts. If used as a lubricant it will attract dirt and grime and then dry out leaving your chain and gears to fend for themselves.


In theory, the oiler the lube the more it penetrates all the moving parts of the chain, however the downside to that is that it attracts more dirt and grime. Dirt and grime act like sand paper to slowly wear out the chain and gears. The drier the lube, the less dirt it attracts, but the less it penetrates into the chain.


Stays wet and oily.


Ironically it is not completely dry, even to the touch.


Completely dry, non-oily.

How to Apply


  • Pedro's CHAINj is a biodegradable lube made from a rapeseed oil base.
  • Purple Extreme one of the best out of a few good ones. They also make a soy/citrus solvent that is stunning.
  • ProLink is a chlorinated paraffin. Chlorine is not a good thing to bind with any product. Chlorine makes it last as a toxin for far too long.



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