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Local Bike Stores (LBS) are your friends -- not your competitors or enemies, you are complimentary services. It is very important to think this way so that they think this way too.

Things to Remember

  • Your LBS can give you all their old parts and unclaimed bikes. Sometimes they can even drop them off.
  • Your LBS can provide you with a cost + 10% parts source until you get your own distributor accounts.
  • Your LBS can refer people to the community bike shop when they can't afford normal repairs or bikes.
  • Your LBS has great mechanics that could also be great volunteers and/or teachers.
  • You can refer people to your LBS when they are looking for nicer bikes or parts.
  • You can refer future LBS employees from your volunteers. Become their training resource.
  • You serve different income demographics, therefore you are not competing with your LBS for the same customers.
  • You can compliment the LBS products with your educational and informational programs to offer the total cycling solution.