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ABC Quick Check

From Bike Collectives Wiki

Do an ABC Quick Check before every ride! Safety equiptment is fun equiptment. Do this 30-second check each time before you ride.

A is for Air

Make sure your bike tires feel firm, not soft. Check that the tire is filled to the air pressure written on the tire's sidewall. Make sure there are also no cuts or splits or bubbles in the tire.

B is for Brakes

If you have foot brakes, charge down the driveway and test them to make sure they really stop you. If you have hand brakes, make sure the whole brake pad squeezes tightly on the wheel's metal rim, not on the rubber tire or on empty air. And when you squeeze the brake lever, make sure the lever does not touch the handlebar. If your brakes don't stop you, do not ride the bike until they are fixed.

C is for Chain

Make sure your chain is not loose enough to fall off, especially if you have foot brakes. Is the chain dry and rusted? If so, apply a tiny drop of chain lube to each link. Store your bicycle indoors in a clean, dry place.

Quick is for Quick Release

Make sure your tires are secured properly. If your bike has quick release wheels, the quick release handles should be firmly closed and pointing toward the rear of the bike.

Check is for checking everything else.

Look over the rest of the bike. Do you see any broken spokes, or are they intact? Are all nuts and bolts holding on your wheels and rack nice and tight? Does the saddle wiggle or twist or is it good and tight? Also, the handlebars should not turn without turning the wheel. Fix anything that bothers you before you ride!