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Bicycle Barn and Riding School

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The Bicycle Barn & Riding School specializes in teaching adults to ride bicycles, most of whom never learned as children.


We have taught about 2,000 people in the last 20 years with only about 3 people who weren't able to make it work. Virtually everyone who really puts their mind to it, and gives it the time it needs, can learn to ride a bicycle. One of our students only has one leg and she did very well. Some of our students are in their 60's and 70's. (We might have had one or two in their eighties.)

The two teachers at the school are Susan McLucas and Amanda Gordon. Susan has been teaching riding for over 20 years and has taught about 1,800 people. Amanda has taught for three years and has taught about 100 people. Jon Katz has also taught with us.


  • (617) MA-EARTH
  • Susan McLucas
    • (617) 776-6524
    • (617) 501-9125
  • Amanda Gordon:
    • (617) 623-7418 x7
    • (617) 547-6789