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Bicycle Works

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Bicycle Works
Founded 1988
Location St. Louis, Missouri, United States
Services Offered
Mission Statement The primary objective of BicycleWORKS is to increase the probability of positive life outcomes for "at-risk" youths in the Saint Louis area. This is accomplished by providing them the incentive and opportunity to develop their academic, vocational, and social skills through our Earn-A-Bike Program.


  • Kids Earn A Bike,
    • Open to any resident age 8-18
    • 6 week class, covering mechanical and safety.
  • Road One,

Adult class or LAB

  • Bicycles to developing Nations,

Bicycle Works is dedicated to helping other similar non-profits. We collect bicycles for Working Bikes for shipping to developing countries for transportation.

  • Bicycle Recycle,

We will take anything bicycle related and make sure if possible reused, if not we are proud of our recycling of 95% of the items that get donated to us.

  • Open Shop,
    • A time that we will help those that want to learn how to repair a bicycle.
    • Two open stands are reserved for those that could not otherwise pay to have a bicycle serviced.
  • Prison program
  • Ex prisoner program


Most of our public photos are kept here

We also keep just a few on our website


All donations are tax deductible.


BicycleWORKS is currently accepting bikes of any style in any condition to support our various programs.

  • Kids' Earn-A-Bike Program
  • Bicycles to Developing Nations Project
  • Shop Support
  • Ex-prisoner project

Donations can be dropped off at 4102 Shenandoah. Donations are accepted between 10 AM and 1 PM on Saturdays and 7-10 PM on Monday, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

You may also drop off your donation at one of our two collaborating professional shops:

Alpine Shop (Kirkwood)
440  N Kirkwood Rd
  • 10 AM to 9 PM M-S
  • Sunday 11 AM to 6 PM


We are always using our tools, so we need to replace them about once a year.

Metric hand tools Bicycle related tools

Monetary Donations

Monetary donations are always welcome, please mail checks to:

4102 Shenandoah Avenue
Saint Louis, MO 63110

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