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Bike Peoria Coop

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Bike Peoria Coop

The Bike Peoria Co-op offers a space, tools, and community to repair bikes, share knowledge, hold classes, and advocate for bikes in Peoria.

Bike Peoria Co-op is an cooperative organization of bicycle users whose mission is to educate and empower the community by providing a welcoming space to learn about bicycle repair, maintenance practices, and road safety through outreach and advocacy activities.


Fix Your Own Bike

Visit our open hours to find bike tools, parts, repair stands, and help with difficult repairs.

Learn Repair & Maintenance

We offer practical instruction on basic bicycle mechanics based on needed repairs and current projects in the shop.

Get A Bike

Buy a ready-to-ride bike, repaired by Bike Peoria Co-op volunteers. Or, build your own bike for lower prices, larger selection, and customization.

Membership Includes

Free Stand Time

Unlimited repair time in the shop free of charge, use our tools with trained staff!

For non-members, cost is $5/per hour to fix a bike in the shop. Members get this service for free every time you walk through the door.

Half-Off All Parts

Chains, wheels, derailleurs and more!

Members get 50% off on salvaged parts. Non-members pay full price.

1 Free Basic Tune Up

Get your bike ready for summer!

Schedule a time to get your bike tuned up during off hours. Members get 1 free tune up per year.

We are located in Peoria, IL. We are nested in a little space located at 612 W. Main St Peoria, IL 61605.