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Bikery (Seattle, WA, USA)

The Bikery is an all-volunteer run, non-profit, community bike project located in Seattle, nestled between the central district and the international district. We are here to provide the tools and resources to help you learn about your bike and fix it yourself. We strive tocreate an inviting framework to engage people from all backgrounds regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, class, age, or ability. Together we can define and implement our vision of community and bicycle culture together.


The Bikery is located in the International District of Seattle, Washington. Their entrance is on 14th Avenue, near the intersection of Rainier and Jackson.

Hours and Contact Information

For general information, email info@thebikery.org.

Hours are subject to change. Visit thebikery.org for updated hours, meetings, and class schedules.

Saturday: Noon - 6pm
Sunday-Tuesday: 2pm-8pm

Mission and Values

Our Mission Statement

Through collaborative, hands-on education on bikes and biking, the Bikery is cultivating the personal, social and environmental benefits of bicycling.

Our Values

  • The Bikery wishes to demystify the bicycle by familiarizing people with their bikes, and by encouraging personal and vocational exploration. At the Bikery, any style of cyclist can build self-confidence and increase their skills in a non-intimidating atmosphere.
  • The Bikery encourages interaction between diverse people in an accessible, safe and welcoming space. In addition to its function as a workspace, the Bikery is a place to relax and socialize.
  • Money, or lack thereof, should never be an issue that discourages using the Bikery space and resources.
  • Safety and the skills to attain it - including knowing rules of the road and common-sense rules of thumb, wearing helmets and using lights - will always be emphasized.
  • The Bikery aggressively promotes the idea that there is more to bicycling than transportation.
  • Bicycles are fun, artistic, recreational, functional, smart, conservation-minded, and beautiful.
  • The Bikery helps people realize their own mental and physical health capabilities achieved through cycling.
  • Community outreach is our responsibility.
  • We strive to build partnerships with other like minded organizations.
  • We recognize that marginalization exists in bicycle culture. The Bikery is dedicated to non-oppression by continually improving our own education and providing resources for others to do the same.
  • All people involved in the Bikery will adhere to our values with understanding and sincerity, and wholeheartedly appreciate the diverse population the Bikery serves.


The Bikery is a volunteer-run nonprofit organization which offers the following services:

Open Clinic Hours

For access to our stands, tools, and resources we charge $5/hr. We also offer a worktrade program where you can earn $10 bikery bucks for every hour of work you do for us! You can put that credit towards stand time, parts, or as-is bikes.

In addition we have a Work For Wheels program. If you complete 10 hours of worktrade, you get a bike! After you have worked your 10 hours you can pick your bike frame and parts and use all the stand time you need to complete your bike.

Parts and Items

We sell used and new bike parts to support our mission. All the used parts and bikes we have are donated to us, which allows us to sell them at a low cost. All of the parts available for sale are priced based on the individual part. Please consult with the Bikery volunteers on staff to determine the cost of any particular item. We have some bikes that were refurbished by volunteers for sale at low cost. Come down and check them out if you are interested.

If you have some bikes or parts, feel free to bring them down to us whenever we are open. We can't take everything because we have limited space, but we will try our best!


The Bikery offers a variety of classes on different topics relating to bike maintenance, repair, and bicycle culture. For a two-hour class, the Bikery has a suggested donation of $5 to $15. Attendees may use their work trade hours towards the suggested donation of classes. More information about our upcoming classes can be found at thebikery.org/calendar.


In an effort to make bicycle maintenance and repair accessible to people of all income levels, the Bikery has a work-trade program. People wishing to earn credit with the Bikery can volunteer with us. Volunteering earns you $10 per hour in Bikery credit. This credit can be used on used parts, stand time, class participation, and “As Is” bikes, but not for complete bikes. For more information about this program, you can read our volunteering page or ask the Bikery volunteers on staff.


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