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Bradley Street Bicycle Co-op

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Bradley Street Bicycle Co-op
Founded 2015
Location New Haven, Connecticut, USA
Services Offered
Mission Statement The Bradley Street Bicycle Co-op is a community bike shop working towards an equitable New Haven by getting people on bikes.

Bradley Street Bicycle Co-op is ... a bike co-op in New Haven, CT.

Contact Info


138 Bradley Street
New Haven, CT 06511


(860) 337-2777


Services Offered

Public Programs

Open Shop Hours

We're open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 4-7pm.

Bicycle Recycling Program

We accept donations of bicycles or components in any condition.

Please bring it to BSBC during shop hours! We are open:

Tuesday 4-7pm Wednesday 4-7pm Thursday 4-7pm

We take donated bikes, fix them up, and get them out to people who need them. Amazing people from all over Connecticut (and beyond) donate us bikes from their basements, from organizations, and from other local bike shops.

Volunteers and mechanics at the Bradley Street Bicycle Co-op repair all the bikes and get them ready for donation or for sale. Some get sold as affordable used bikes for people to commute on. Some are donated to organizations who work with adults trying to get a job, trying to get to work, or trying to just get around the city.

Why do we do it? A healthy city has many needs, from a strong education system to health care and good infrastructure. But New Haven and Connecticut beyond has a particularly acute need to address income inequality – our city has the sixth greatest income inequality of all cities in the United States. The most direct way to affect income inequality is to raise people’s incomes by getting them jobs. In New Haven, lack of quality transportation is rated as the highest problem people face when accessing the job market. Owning a car is expensive, our public transportation system is unreliable, and walking is often too slow or not an option.

Bikes provide a low-cost, highly efficient way of moving through the city. Bikes vastly improve job access to those without cars. They are cheap to acquire and maintain. They increase physical exercise, they keep our environment clean, and they provide a platform for coming together and making our city a better place to live.