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How do you programs “translate” in your/near by communities?”

How are you defining “Community”?

How inclusive is your space? How Accessible?

Lava Monsters of Death (these will hold you back, don’t let them!)

Using excessive “they” “them” or “those people”

Assuming people know what you know.

Assuming people are intentionally (behaving/acting) being fucked up

Confusing critiques/analysis of behaviour dynamics as vicious existential personal attacks of Doom against you, yes you!

Success Stories of Workshops that help out reach to under privileged communities.

Multi language bike mechanics, teach english or learn spanish at the same time as teaching bike mechanics,

Get Doctors to prescribe bike riding, get them to send people to your collective.

Organize group rides that tie in a neighborhood’s resources that are not well used, go to farmer’s markets, put baskets on bikes.

Safe routes to schools has been successful in getting more kids to ride.

Find teachers who are bike sympathetic.

Canvas the neighborhood, knock door to door, flyer (tear offs work well), bring tools to fix flats, mobil bike repair!

Get in contact with a neighborhood organization, they often don’t have websites, you can find them sometimes through the police department.

Be wary of giving “big free give away!” if you don’t have enough, it can create a weird and tense atmosphere.