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Community Cycles Volunteer Handbook v2.7 PDF

Community Cycles Volunteer Handbook

Version 2.7

�MISSION: Community Cycles (CC) is a non-profit organization of bicycle enthusiasts whose mission is to educate and advocate for the safe use of bicycles as an affordable, viable and sustainable means of transportation and personal enjoyment within our community.

CC provides re-cycled bikes and a welcoming space to learn about bicycle repair, maintenance and operation through outreach and advocacy activities. VALUES

   We promote the bicycle as appropriate and powerful technology.
   We recognize bicycling as a means to increase community and quality of life.
   We uphold the power of cyclists to transform the individual and the community.
   We advocate environmental preservation and conservation by encouraging the use of the bicycle as a sustainable form of transportation and recreation.
   We strive to increase bicycling as a form of recognized not just “alternative transportation”.
   We provide access to tools and knowledge regarding bicycles to anyone in the community regardless of race, color, national origin, spiritual belief, age, gender, sexual orientation and physical ability.
   We embrace the diversity of people through cycling as well as encourage partnership among the different local cycling populations.
   We commit to providing a long-term programming to further the above values.

Who We Are:

Community Cycles Board:

   Gary Matthews - Board President
   Wanda Pelegrina Caldas - Board Member and Co-Founder
   Dean Fogerty - Board Vice-President
   Ann Haebig – Board Secretary
   Amy Long - Board Treasurer
   Evan Freirich - Board Member
   Elaine Erb - Board Member
   Ray Keener - Board Member
   Sue Prant - Board Member
   Colleen Selt - Board Member

Community Cycles Staff:

   Rich Points - Executive Director and Co-Founder
   Sue Prant - Advocacy, Development, and Walk & Bike Month Director
   Jason Gendill - Head Mechanic
   Brett Schager – Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator
   Curt Kruper - Mechanic
   Chris Campbell - Earn-A-Bike Instructor
   Archer Sully - Earn-A-Bike Instructor
   David Munoz - Bike Ambassador Coordinator
   Erin Shannon- Bike Ambassador
   Alexey Davies - Membership Director
   Kerry Kruempelstaedter - Bookkeeper


Community Cycles

2805 Wilderness Pl. Ste. 1000

Boulder, CO 80301


� Community Cycles’ Policies: Privacy Community Cycles values the contributions that our donors make to sustain our mission. To protect the privacy of our donors and their special relationship with Community Cycles, we maintain the following policies:

   We do not trade our donor lists with other organizations.
   We do not sell our donor lists to other organizations.
   We will contact donors prior to listing their names in our publications to solicit their consent and their preferred listing.
   We offer donors the option to be recognized anonymously.
   Donors may request that they not be solicited in the future.
   Donors may request not to receive mailings, such as our newsletter.

Anti-Discrimination Community Cycles is committed to providing an environment of diversity in which anyone is welcome to participate in our programs, activities, and events in order to learn about bicycle maintenance, repair, and operation. Community Cycles does not exclude or deny access to our shop, its programs, activities, and events, or employment to any person on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, veteran or legal status, age, gender or gender identity, or disability. Furthermore, Community Cycles expects all of its staff, members, volunteers, and participants to promote a climate of diversity where everyone values individual and group differences, respects the perspectives of others, and communicates openly. However, Community Cycles maintains the right to ask any person not able to publicly uphold this value during our programs, events, and activities at any location to leave the vicinity immediately. Youth All youth volunteers under 18 years of age must have a waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian to work in the shop. Community Cycles has a strict policy of at least one adult chaperone being present at all times with any children under 16 years of age while in the shop or at any of our events which occur off site. Theft We highly recommend that you lock up your bike and not leave personal property at the Community Cycles shop. You are responsible for your bike at all times and we are not responsible for lost or stolen property. Wholesale Purchases One of the benefits of volunteering at Community Cycles as a core volunteer is that we allow core volunteers to purchase bicycle parts and accessories from wholesale retailers at wholesale prices. To order a wholesale purchase:

   Find the product or part number (these may be found in the QBP or J&B catalogs in the front office).
   Write your request on the “Items to be ordered” form, including the item, part #, and your name.
   Pay the wholesale price plus 20% to cover shipping and shop funding.

Wholesale prices: Staff - cost Core Volunteers - cost + 20% (10% after 100 hrs/year) Members - retail - 10% Customers - we do not do ordering for anyone else Safety

   Please wear closed-toed shoes while in the shop.
   Always use gloves, eyewear, and other personal protective equipment when a) coming into contact with harsh chemicals like mineral spirits, b) using the table grinder, or c) coming into contact with blood or other body fluids.


   All donations are tax-deductible.
   All sales are final.
   All used bikes are guaranteed for 14 days from the purchase date.
   We only do holds if the person pays for the bike or gives a $50 non-refundable down-payment.
   We do not do trades.

Low-Income and Work-Trade At Community Cycles, we believe everyone deserves access to a bicycle, and we are a community bike shop. We do not turn anyone away for lack of funds.

We have a low-income option for our memberships with a write-in amount for a one-year membership. Suggested amount: $10

We can also offer work-trade for access to the shop or a membership. If you need to use the shop immediately, you can work one hour for one hour of shop use.

If you would like to work for more than an hour, you will need to schedule work-trade time in advance, one hour of work per hour of shop use, up to four hours. Four hours of work-trade qualifies you for a one-year membership. Department Store Bikes Policy We do not keep any department store bikes and they are not available for sale or Earn-A-Bike (except some kids and cruiser bikes).

If a department store bike is brought in for a tune-up, there is a $20 extra fee. However, we will offer them instead to give us their bike-shaped object for $40 Huffy Discount off of one of our showroom bikes. This is the ONLY time we will accept trade-ins for money off, but it’s more of a mercy killing than a trade.

Abandoned bikes Tune-up bikes or personal bikes left for more than 30 days will be considered a donation � Daily Procedures The following chores need to be completed on a daily basis. Everyone must help clean at closing time: earn-a-bikers volunteering, earn-a-bikers working on their own bikes, volunteers, and people performing community service, and members. Members and earn-a-bikers working on their own bikes will need to put away the tools they were using and clean up their work area. Everyone else will need to help complete the rest of the closing duties.

       clean mirrors
       clean sink
       scrub toilet
       wipe toilet tank and lid
       mop floor
       empty trash
       stock toilet paper
       sort all new parts and donations
       return all tools to pegboards
       wipe off all counter tops and workbenches
       sweep inside
       sweep outside
       top off degreaser/cleaning bottles
       fill all hooks
       take trash and recycling to dumpsters
       empty metal recycling into trailer
       close register
       empty trash and recycling
       sweep office
       wipe counters
       post EABers
       post Craigslist bikes
       post hours
       fill out daily log


Our shop uses a color-coded tag system

Pink Tags: Inventory Tags These tags must go on all donated bikes. Write the date, make, model and color on the tag. If you know the destination (i.e. Earn-A-Bike, showroom, KHBG, recycling), write that as well. Most bikes will go to the Earn-A-Bike program, while others will have as their destination the showroom or recycling. All work needed/completed on bikes should be detailed on these tags. Yellow Tags: Earn-A-Bike These tags indicate that a bike has been selected and reserved for a person in the Earn-A-Bike program. It should include the person’s name; the person’s phone number; the bike’s make, model, and color; the date he or she began working on the bike; and the date he or she must finish the bike, which is 45 days after the start date. All bikes with a yellow tag should be stored in the south shop. Blue Tags: Youth Earn-A-Bike These tags indicate that a bike has been selected and reserved for a person in the Youth Earn-A-Bike program. Green Tags: Sale Tags for Bikes These tags are for bikes that will be sold in our showroom. Blank green tags reserve bikes for this destination and green sale tags are filled out once the bike is ready to sell. Orange: Sale Tags for Wheels These tags are for wheels that will be sold in our showroom. Blank orange tags are used to note what work needs to be done or has been done to wheels. Red Tags: Do Not Touch These tags are for bikes that are not to be touched. They are the personal property of members, clients, or volunteers. All tune-up bikes should receive a red tag in addition to the clear pouch containing their work order.

� Core Volunteers Community Cycles runs its programs almost exclusively thanks to the help of volunteers. We have a core group of regular volunteers to help us with our programs. Volunteers do not need to be expert mechanics, but some knowledge of the way a bike works, the parts that make up a bike, and the way the systems of a bike work together are necessary.

What does it mean to be a core volunteer?

   Go through trainings or shadow for each of the main shop positions
   Have a regular shift
   Be scheduled
   Fulfill a role (greeter, instructor, wheels, new donations, tune-ups/sales)

roles are tied to locations

   Represent CC (knowing about programs, memberships, info on website)

Our Expectations

   Arrive on time
   Be present in your job role
   Know the names of the people you’re working with
   Never take tools from EABers hands
   Communicate with other volunteers and staff at shift change
   Remove yourself from the schedule if you cannot make your shift (or call in for the same day)

Volunteer Positions:

Greeter Instructor—Wheels Instructor—EAB/members/customers Instructor—EAB Class Instructor—Teacher* Retail/Customer Service Mechanic—Tune Ups/Sale Bikes** Advocacy*** Special Events Positions***** � How to become a core volunteer

You must:

   Come to a training for or shadow one shift in each of the following positions: Greeter, Instructor, and Instructor-EAB Class.  There are separate processes for working in the other positions.
   Sign up for a regular shift that works for you in your preferred assignment(s).  Ask the shop manager what days/assignments are currently in need.

    • Volunteers interested in volunteering as a mechanic working on tune-ups and sale bikes should speak to the Head Mechanic.
      • Volunteers interested in Advocacy assignments should contact the Advocacy Director.
        • Special events and information on how to volunteer for these events will be announced via monthly volunteer meetings and on our website


Greeter Time Commitment :

   Minimum of one 3-hour shift per week

Reports to : Shop manager Works with : Other greeters, including Earn-A-Bike participants Description of role : Greeters are the face of the Community Cycles organization. Greeters are responsible for running the front desk, doing office tasks, and providing customer service. A large part of this job is being able to direct customers to the right person, webpage, or form. Primary duties include :

   Greeting customers/volunteers/Earn-a-Bikers as they come in the shop
   Ensuring that all volunteers, members, and clients have checked in at the front desk (and are wearing buttons)
   Answering the phones
   Answering questions of shop guests
   Routing questions to the appropriate person
   Accepting donations
   After appropriate training, working the cash register
   After appropriate training, scheduling volunteers on Volgistics

Secondary duties include :

   Data entry
   Posting ads to Craigslist
   Delegating tasks for volunteers and clients to perform
   Returning emails
   Returning voicemail messages, taking and routing messages

Skills Required :

   Comfort with answering phone
   Ability to work well with others
   Ability to communicate with other members of staff, public
   Spanish speaking a definite plus, but not mandatory�

Instructor—Earn-A-Bike Class Time Commitment :

   Minimum of one 3-hour shift per week

Reports to : Shop manager Works with : Earn-A-Bike participants Description of role : EAB Class instructors teach aspects of bike maintenance to Earn-A-Bike participants. They delegate unskilled tasks like part sorting, parts cleaning, stripping bikes, and processing new donations. They also teach lessons on bike maintenance, usually beginning with dirty drivetrain cleaning. Primary duties include :

   Teaching earn-a-bikers working toward their fifteen hours some aspects of bike mechanics/maintenance
   Processing new donations by flattening the bikes, tagging the bikes, tallying the donated bikes, and directing the donor to the front desk for a tax receipt
   Overseeing unskilled or novice preparation of bikes for the showroom (e.g. pumping up tires, lubing chains, replacing brake pads, replacing tires, replacing cables)
   Delegating daily tasks and closing chores to earn-a-bikers

Secondary duties include :

   Upkeep and organization of the tools and pegboards
   Bringing all bikes inside and closing the south shop at the end of the day

Skills Required :

   General knowledge of shop policies and procedures
   Intermediate to advanced mechanical skills


Time Commitment :

   Minimum of one 3-hour shift per week

Reports to : Shop manager Works with : Earn-A-Bike participants Description of role : Wheel Instructors also teach bike mechanics to Earn-A-Bike participants, but focused on wheels and hubs. Primary duties include :

   Teaching clients, members, and volunteers various aspects of wheels including: truing, dish, overhauling hubs, spokes, and wheel building
   Upkeep and organization of truing station supplies and tools
   Managing all wheels by making sure wheels that get hung on hooks are trued and greased, starting with wheels for the showroom; recycling poor quality wheels, including some steel rims and single-wall rims; and tagging wheels with information

Secondary duties include :

   Making sure all donated bikes have wheels
   Making sure all wheels are sorted to the correct location by size

Skills Required :

   General knowledge of shop policies and procedures
   Intermediate to advanced mechanical skills and strong knowledge of wheels�

Instructor—EAB/Members/Customers Time Commitment :

   Minimum of one 3-hour shift per week

Reports to : Shop manager Works with : Earn-A-Bike participants, members, and customers Description of role : Instructors help people who are working on their own bikes and customers looking for bikes or parts. Instructors should have strong knowledge of bike maintenance and be able to teach others. Primary duties include :

   Assisting earn-a-bikers who are working on their own bikes
   Have bikes ready for earn-a-bikers working on their own bikes
   Assisting members who are working on their own bikes
   Assisting earn-a-bikers picking out a bike
   Performing final safety checks for earn-a-bikers before graduation
   Delegating daily tasks and closing chores to earn-a-bikers

Secondary duties include :

   Assisting customers interested in purchasing bikes/parts as needed
   Upkeep and organization of tools and pegboards

Skills Required :

   General knowledge of shop policies and procedures
   Intermediate to advanced mechanical skills
   Understanding of bike fit
   Good with people�


Time Commitment :

   Varies, commonly a 1-2 hour workshop or 6 weekly 2-hour session classes

Reports to : Executive director Works with : Class/workshop students Description of role : Teachers help us run our classes and workshops, teaching a variety of topics based on their interest and expertise. Teachers may receive monetary compensation Primary duties include :

   Planning and developing a curriculum for the class to be taught
   Teaching the class or workshop

Secondary duties include :

   Setting up the classroom with tables, chairs, and materials
   Publicizing the class or workshop
   Encouraging class participants to become members

Skills Required :

   General knowledge of shop policies and procedures
   Intermediate to advanced mechanical skills
   Understanding of bike fit
   Expertise in the subject being taught
   Experience/comfort with teaching and public speaking�

Retail/Customer Service Time Commitment :

   Minimum of one 3-hour shift per week

Reports to : Shop manager Works with : Customers, volunteers Description of role : Retail/Customer service assists with our retail operations at the main shop by helping customers looking to buy bikes or parts and managing items for sale. Primary duties include :

   Assisting customers interested in purchasing bikes/parts
   Pricing and displaying parts and accessories
   Upkeep and organization of the retail area

Secondary duties include :

   After appropriate training, working the cash register
   Upkeep and organization of parts bins
   Assisting with inventory and posting bikes to Craigslist

Skills Required :

   General knowledge of shop policies and procedures
   Understanding of bike fit
   Knowledge of bike components, brands, and values
   Intermediate to advanced mechanical skills
   Excellent customer service skills�

Instructor—Youth Earn-A-Bike

How to become a Youth Earn-A-Bike Instructor

   Have a brief interview with the Youth Programs Director.
   Successfully pass a background check (bring ID to interview).
   Shadow one six-week session

Time Commitment :

   2 hours/week for six weeks

Reports to : Youth programs director Works with : Youth students Description of role : Youth Earn-A-Bike Instructors work with youth to refurbish bicycles, teaching them bike mechanics and maintenance. Primary duties include :

   Working with and teaching children/teens basic bike mechanics such as bottom bracket overhaul, cable and housing installation, and maintenance of crankset, brakes, handlebars, and saddle

Secondary duties include :

   Assisting with planning and development of a curriculum for the class
   Helping with setup and cleanup of the shop before and after class
   Assisting with publicizing the class

Skills Required :

   General knowledge of shop policies and procedures
   Intermediate to advanced mechanical skills
   Experience/comfort with teaching children and adolescents
   Patience and the ability to work with a group of youths with varying skill-, interest-, and ability-levels simultaneously.

Mechanic—Tune Ups/Sale Bikes

Time Commitment :

   Minimum of one 3-hour shift per week

Reports to : Head mechanic Works with : Head mechanic Description of role : Mechanics help perform tune-ups on customer bikes and refurbish bikes for sale. There are shifts during open hours and hours not open to the public. Primary duties include :

   Building sale bikes to be sold in the showroom
   Performing customer tune-ups and work orders, both drop-offs or
   Ensuring that each bike being sold has received a safety check and a test ride (and is properly stickered)

Secondary duties include :

   Pricing bikes, wheels, and parts
   During open shop hours, assisting customers with specialized questions
   Upkeep and organization of tools and pegboards, including the specialty tool board

Skills Required :

   Advanced bike mechanics skills
   General knowledge of shop policies and procedures
   Understanding of bike fit