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Hub Cycle

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Hub Cycle is a community bicycle lending program serving Spartanburg County, SC and managed by the nonprofit organization Partners for Active Living. The program was founded in September 2006.

Donated bikes are accepted from the community. A professional mechanic on-staff at Partners for Active Living repairs and maintains the bikes. Any adult, 18 years or older, can borrow a bike for up to 3 months. A $15 deposit is required and a helmet and lock are provided with the bike. When the bike, helmet, and lock are returned, the $15 is returned.

Partners for Active Living staff assist borrowers in finding a bike that fits their size and meets their specific biking needs. Bicycling safety tips, a summary of South Carolina biking laws, and recommended bike-friendly roads and trails are also provided. Borrowers are asked to set-up an appointment to ensure that a Partners for Active Living staff member is available to assist them in finding a bike.

At the end of the 3 months, borrowers have the option to renew once. This allows for a total lending period of 6 months. All residents and visitors in the Spartanburg area are invited to participate in the program.


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