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IRS Form 1023

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This is the federal form to get your 501(c)(3) tax-excempt status. There is one time fee when applying and applications can take up to five months before getting a response. The IRS seems to find something wrong with everyone's application, so don't be offended. After submiting your corrections/explanations you will receive your Employee Identification Number (EIN) number.

How To

The Sopo Bike Co-op is making our 501(c)3 application available for folks to use as an example.

Sopo's 501(c)3 Application

This the Bicycle Kitchen's 1023 application - it is not yet finalized:



Estimated revenue of $10,000 or more per year, the fee to file the forms to the IRS is $700; any less and the fee is $350.


IRS Excempt Organizations Customer Account Services toll-free at 1-877-829-5500 x1x1