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Lincoln Bike Kitchen

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Lincoln Bike Kitchen
Founded 2010
Location Lincoln, Nebraska, USA
Services Offered
Mission Statement The Bike Kitchen is a community-building organization that provides bicycles and related resources to all people. We advocate for utilitarian bicycling as a vital part of a healthy, equitable and sustainable community. We connect cycling to broader environmental and social issues through outreach, and education.

Lincoln Bike Kitchen The Lincoln Bike Kitchen empowers people in our local community of Lincoln by actively promoting and advocating for cycling. It is run entirely by volunteers and supported by donations (bikes, parts, tools, money) from the community.

Cycling can be a fun, healthy, environmentally-friendly, and cost effective mode of transportation. We believe that it should be made safe and available for everyone who wants to be a "biker".

The Lincoln Bike Kitchen provides refurbished bikes and parts to community members so anyone that wants to be biking can be, for free. By combining free access to professional tools with a team of knowledgeable and dedicated volunteers, we also aim to help others develop the basic maintenance skills that will keep their bikes rolling for a lifetime. =

Contact Info

1635 S. 1st Street,
Lincoln NE 68502


Lincoln Bike kitchen was opened in 2010 by Pepe. It was originally operated in a house until the current location was purchased. At one time we were looking for a larger place but then decided that this one is plenty large enough and started organizing it for better use. Here are some helpful hints to organize some of your parts: Rope storage for seats and other items Using rods to store parts, Bearings, headsets, pedals and etc.

Services Offered


Earn-A-Bike diverts unused bikes from the waste stream using them as teaching tools to empower participants with the basic maintenance and commuting skills along with the resources to build themselves a dependable bike.

After 10 hours of volunteering, you'll pick a bicycle and refurbish it to fit your commuting needs with the help of experienced volunteer mechanics. You'll finish the program with a dependable bike and the knowledge, skills, and resources to maintain it.

Free repairs - access to tools. If you want to work on your own bicycle, just come in, talk with us, and get to work. We have complete sets of bike specific tools to help you with your repair. We help you, for free, as you may need it. While this shop is all about a 'do it yourself' ethic, we will not leave you stranded.

We enjoy helping you learn, but please have patience, as sometimes many people need bicycle help at the same time. While you wait, you can lend a hand to someone else!

These services are free, yet donations into our donation jar are much appreciated.

free wheels for kids Yes, we will take your dusty, dirty bike and give it a new life. We welcome bike donations of 12", 16", 18", 20".22" & 24" sizes. We are committed in helping all kids to ride into a happier, healthier childhood by providing bikes to those most in need. Parents feel free to come and speak with us, and we look forward to working with you to get your child on a bike.

There are not volunteer hours or any other charge required in exchange for a children bicycle. We do ask for a voluntary donations to keep the program running.

Mobile kitchen We come to you! The LBK sets up mobile shops in different locations of the city. We bring along complete sets of tools to help you with your repair needs. We do appreciate monetary contributions, bike and parts donations or wrenching help during our Mobile Kitchens.

Be aware that during our itinerant events we have very few spare parts. If your bike is in need of serious repair we may ask you to get the part from local shops or to bring your bike to open shop.

Find our more about the whereabouts of the Mobile bike kitchen on the EVENTS page. We are open to suggestions about future events and locations.

Safety equipment Our goal is to the Lincoln community with helmets, lights, and locks. Thanks to donations and grants we have been able to start providing this items to children or free.

In order to keep this program going we are asking the community to donate new helmets, new or used lights/ locks, or money towards the purchase of these items.