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MoBo Bicycle Co-op

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MoBo Bicycle Co-op
Founded 2007
Location Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
Mission Statement We believe passionately in shared community resources, increased self-sufficiency and advocating for a healthier and greener world.
Other Contact Info


The MoBo Bicycle Cooperative is a non-profit volunteer-run cooperative dedicated to making cycling accessible and practical to everyone in the greater Cincinnati area. We build community by providing a welcoming and communal workspace, knowledgeable staff, and the tools and parts for cyclists of all ages and skill levels to repair, maintain and acquire bicycles. Members learn from and teach one another by sharing knowledge and experience. Mobo facilitates healthy and sustainable transportation through bicycle programs, events, and advocacy in our immediate community and beyond.


The Mobo Bicycle Cooperative envisions a world made healthier through the increase of people using bicycles for environmental, social, creative and practical purposes. We believe that cycling and its benefits should be made equally accessible to people from all walks of life. We see that the promotion of the social and educational aspects of cycling creates empowered individuals and communities. We see the intrinsic value cycling has for developing community, and we acknowledge that as our culture and infrastructure become more inclusive of bicycles, quality of life is enhanced for all.


Open Hours

Open Shop

  • Wednesday: 6-9pm
  • Sunday: 2-5pm
  • Women's Night: Every Third Thursday, 6-9pm
  • Kids' Day: Mondays 5-8pm in the summer

Co-op Night

  • Tuesday: 6-9pm

[This is a time to gather and work together on communal projects, rather than individuals' projects]


  • Neighborhood of Northside
  • 1415 Knowlton Ave., Cincinnati OH 45223

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