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About the app:

The Volunteer Tracking app does just that. It tracks hours of volunteering. Users make a passwordless account, then use this to log their hours of shop use on the collective's device.

As a Patron or Volunteer, I can walk into a collective, type in my name. If I have an account, I click on it to sign in. If I don't have an account I can create one in a few steps. What happens when many people have the same name? Well, your last initial is included and you also pick a colour when you sign up to help guard against confusing duplicates.

After I log in, I see a thank you page. I can click to see my stats and quickly see my total hours for volunteering or shop use. I can see the total for this month, last month, and for all time. I can also see if I have a valid membership, and when it expires.

As a Admin, I can access all users, edit their memberships and personal info. I can sign people out by swiping their name's the left from the admin tab. I can apply filters to my data and send myself spread sheets. Filters include: current members, most recently expired members, current volunteers, all contacts, all use of shop. I also have access to the app settings.

From the app Settings, I can add a password to protect the admin page. Set up types of users including Staff. Turn on and off membership types such as 1 month or yearly. Set the default sign out time, safer space agreement, waiver, and a custom yes or no question.


About me:

My name is Momoko Saunders. I've been active in the bike collective community for 8 years as one of the founders of Portland, OR's, Bike Farm. I have dreamt of a volunteer tracking app for years now.

I have always found it frustrating to try to track this type of thing on paper or even a google form. I built this software to help bike farm with it's tracking. I hope other collectives can use it as well.


Please, if you find any bugs, or the app crashes on you. Let me know. I have done limited testing. I have no idea what happens to the app after months of use. Please back up your data weekly! You can back it up by pressing the "mail" icon on the admin page. Send yourself "All Shop Use" and "All Contacts".

Feel free to email me anytime to ask questions about how to use the app. There are some really powerful features that are not on by default. I'd love to add more features as well. Just let me know what you need.

Android and Further Development:

Next on the list of things to do is to learn how to build this app for Android. Do you already know? Let's collaborate! Please email me with any thoughts on further development.


And you can download the app here You can also check out the source control here. Fork it if you want, you're welcome to work on this app and make it your own!