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Teaching Resources

From Bike Collectives Wiki

Many community bicycle collective do some kind of teaching, so if your organization is thinking of starting up a youth program, an "Earn-a-Bike" program, training new volunteers, or some other instructional program, you don't need to re-invent the wheel. As you read through the material, you will see broad training philosophies:

  • Crawl | Walk | Run - Good for building a foundation of basic skills used to train mechanics in many fields. Advanced skills are often developed through hands on application with mentorship from experienced mechanics.
    • Learn how to remove wheels from an actual bicycle, not overhaul a hub on a wheel already off a bike.
    • Learn how to properly clock a tire, remove the tire, inspect the tire, repair the tube, and reassemble. Not immersion test removed tubes.
  • Component Specific in random order - Good for assembly line recycling programs .
    • Rapidly develops a specific skill

Teacher Training Manuals

Browse through these various manuals to see which curriculum works best for you:

Earn-A-Bike Programs

Other Manuals

Specific topics for instructors

Teaching Aids

Reusable Repair Checklist File:Community-cycles-repair-checklist.pdf

Illustrations and Graphics are great visual aids for any class or program and can make simply hanging around a community shop a learning experience.

Maintenance Class Syllabuses