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Troy Bike Rescue

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Troy Bike Rescue
Founded 2001
Location Troy, New York, USA
Services Offered

Troy Bike Rescue is an all volunteer run organization that is the bicycle hub of self repair, education and advocacy of bicycles in Troy, NY.

Contact Info

For Troy Bike Rescue:
Contact Webpage
3280 6th Ave.
Troy, Ny 12180

For Albany Bike Rescue:
Trinity Institute
15 Trinity Place;
Albany, NY 12202


TBR began sometime in 2001 as a hybrid public art/action project. In 2001 and 2002, we held several workshops, and attempted some 'public bike' experiments in Troy. Since then it has evolved into a small network of volunteers and supporters who come together to create streetshops in public spaces with the intent of recycling and redistributing bicycles. In the beginning bikes were rescued from dumpsters and alleyways, stripped, and pieced together to make new machines.

Troy Bike Rescue slowly moved to Albany and established roots in Trinity Institute. In 2008 when some of the original founders of Troy Bike Rescue moved back to Troy, and operated out of The Yarden, a backyard workshop located on 9th street. This is where Troy Bike Rescue split into TBR and ABR, or Troy Bike Rescue and Albany Bike Rescue. In 2009 Troy Bike Rescue set up shop in 51 3rd st, a multipurpose community space, and remained there till May 2011

Troy Bike Rescue spent many years at 51 3rd but in 2011 purchased a building from the city of Troy, NY. The volunteers have named the building The Wheel House. The Wheel House is located in North Troy, a block away from the Sanctuary for Independent Media. Here Troy Bike Rescue has been able to expand it's hours and offerings to the public.

Services Offered

  • Day Shop - 12-5 Sun. - Wed. - to come in and work on your bike with our tools or just check out space
  • Open Shop - 5pm - 8pm Mon & Wed - to come work on your bike or learn how to work on bikes.
  • Youth Shop - 3pm - 6pm Tue - A time for Youths, 11 - 16 yo to come learn about bicycle repair and earn bikes.
  • Fem Shop - 5pm - 8pm Thu - An open shop for Female minded/bodied people, and other people who feel uncomfortable in what can seem a overly male driven environment
  • Workshops if you get on the mailing list you can find out about when we are having different workshops there might be


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