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Uk bike gathering 2013

From Bike Collectives Wiki

UK Bike Gathering is a place for groups, organisations, and people using cycling and/or bikes to work for social change. In 2011 it was held in I Bike MCR in Manchester (in the summer) and The Bristol Bike Project (in the winter). In 2012 it was hosted by Pedallers Arms in Leeds.

In 2013, the UK Bike Gathering is being held at the Broken Spoke Bike Co-op in Oxford.

To register, please visit the Broken Spoke website or click here: here

Poster small.jpg
or here for a pdf version.


The official Gathering will start on Friday night with a Critical Mass, but workshops start at 10am on Saturday. Please send an email to if you wish to host a workshop, and we will attempt to place you with other similar themes. Alternatively, you can edit this page to let us know what sessions you'd be able to participate in.


Time Name Host
18:30-19:30 Critical Mass, leaving from Tourist Info, Broad Street, Oxford (welcome to any and everyone) Broken Spoke Bike Co-op
20:00-23:30 Welcome and meet your host, introductions, housekeeping, dinner Broken Spoke


Time Name Host
09:00 Arrivals, coffee, breakfast Broken Spoke, Old Music Hall
10:00 Introductions and housekeeping, updates from different projects Broken Spoke
11:00 Workshop #1
12:00 Workshop #2
13:00 LUNCH for participants Broken Spoke
14:00 Workshop #3
15:30 BREAK
15:45-17:15 Workshop #4
18:30 DINNER for participants Restore Garden Cafe
20:00-24:00 Short films, music, discussion, drinks, and socialising open to everyone Restore Garden Cafe


Time Name Host
09:00 Arrivals, coffee, breakfast Broken Spoke, Old Music Hall
10:00 Workshop #5
11:30 Workshop #6
13:00 LUNCH Broken Spoke
14:00-15:30 Wrap up and discussion Everyone
15:30 Bike Ride Broken Spoke


Dinner for participants and hosts will be provided on Friday night following the Critical Mass. Breakfast on Saturday and Sunday will be provided (fruit, museli, bread, tea, coffee, milk, juice), as well as lunches on Saturday and Sunday. Dinner on Saturday will also be provided for participants.

All food is vegan/vegetarian and we will endeavour to source donations from local farms and oraganisations wherever possible.

No one will be turned away from the Gathering due to lack of funds, but in order to cover costs of food we are asking for £20 from each participant. This includes 6 meals (dinner on Friday and Saturday, breakfast and lunch on Saturday and Sunday). If this is a problem, please speak to an organiser and we will figure out an alternative.


We will be able to find a place for you to stay! Please email us at with relevant details.

N.B. Due to space considerations, we will be able to find hosting for 40-50 people and will have to restrict numbers attending the workshop. We hope that 2 people from every interested organisation will be able to attend, and we will keep you posted about the number of people attending the workshop.

Evening Activities

Critical Mass, open to the public, leaving 18.30 from outside Tourist Information, Broad Street, Oxford. If you require a bike please let us know in advance and we will be able to find you a loaner.

Following dinner on Saturday night, the general public will be invited to attend an evening of movies, discussion, chatting, and drinks. It will be a fantastic opportunity for various organisations in Oxford to meet people from other cities and discuss community issues of importance to them.

Travel Pool

There will be a travel pool to spread the cost of people traveling from far away. Please let us know if you are interested in the travel pool.

To register, please visit the Broken Spoke website or click here: here