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From Bike Collectives Wiki

Angel York (she/her) learned to ride a bike in ~1989, joined the Bike Collectives Think Tank Listserv in 2009 and this wiki in 2011. admin. admin. Wiki Admin. ThinkTank admin. Deeply involed with Bike!Bike! Everywhere!. Trying to connect with the community? Get in touch!

Bike Collectives volunteered or worked for include

Young angel biking.jpg Davis bike collective angel2010.jpg

  • Davis Bike Collective, 2008-2012 (including Bici Bici 2011)
  • Bike Farm of Portland, 2013-2015
  • Bike!Bike! Everywhere! 2021 - 2024
    • Bike!Bike! is an annual conference. The last one was in 2019, before the start of the lockdown phase of the pandemic. There wasn't one in 2020, so I looked around in 2021 and said "hey! virtual conference?", the community said yes, and thus Bike!Bike! Everywhere! was born. We've also been working toward collecting and organizing community resources to make shared ownership, access, and use easier for all. Event planning was handed off in 2023 and completely handed off as of June 2024, but I'm still available for questions and access to loose ends.

Community Bike Shops visited include

  • Salt Lake Bike Collective (including tagging along with a friend to one of their formative meetings at the Coffee Garden) 2002, I think. Oh hey, their wiki page corroborates my date. Plus a few visits in its current main location (as of whenever I wrote this some time in the 2010s)
  • One of the ones in New Orleans, probably. If any of them existed in 2005. I was so impressed by the place, so it must have been. Confirmed! Described it to someone and they confirmed that it was the one that is apparently no longer there.
  • Bike Church in Santa Cruz both at its original location on Church Street and its current home: 2005-2007
  • (The former) Davis Bike Church, 2008
  • Assorted visits to the Sacramento Bike Kitchen circa 2010
  • Bikerowave in Los Angeles for Bici Bici (during which visit I also got to experience a CicLAvia), 2012
  • Bike Kitchen in San Francisco, 2014
  • Our Community Bikes in Vancouver, BC, 2014
  • New York Mechanical Gardens Bike Coop in NYC, 2017
  • Community Bikes in Santa Rosa, CA, 2020-2024
  • SLO Bike Kitchen in San Luis Obispo, CA 2022

Bike life outside of community bike shops

Davis, CA
Portland, OR
2020 to present

Involvement in non-bike volunteer-run orgs

Portland, OR

Bike tours longer than a few days, all on recumbents

Angel bike tour map.png

The above map covers trips prior to 2022
  • Florida to California with Aaron Wickstrom, 2005
  • Toronto to Iowa with Charlie DeTar, 2006
  • SLC to Reno to Sacramento to Santa Cruz with Meara McClenahan, 2006
  • Portland to Davis with April Wick, 2011
  • North Bay to Sacramento & back, then up to Portland, all with April Wick, 2018
  • Salt Harvest: Portland to Whalen Island County Campground and back with April Wick, 2019
  • Hazelnut Harvest: Portland to Salem and back with April Wick, 2019
  • Bike move: Portland to Ferndale with April Wick. Was supposed to be to Santa Rosa, but we got cut off in all directions by the annual literal apocalypse (see definition 3), 2020
  • Santa Rosa to SoCal (with a detour through the Central Valley with Meara McClenahan) and back with April Wick, and small dog, 2022
  • Northern California, 2024

Rides in motor vehicles since June 2018

  • 2018 - Ferry, to get across the SF Bay
  • 2018 - Aerial tram, to get to work once or twice
  • 2019 - Elevator when being escorted to a study (got paid $40 to learn I have a high pain tolerance)
  • 2020 - Used the elevator daily to move a cart at work for about a month
  • 2020 - Elevator in a skyscraper that didn't seem to have stairs
  • 2020 - Bike move got cut off in all directions (except back the way we came) by California's annual apocalypse. Aprils's father picked us up with his pickup truck.
  • 2021-22 - April got an e-assist for the tandem. So any time I'm on the tandem, there's a chance I'm riding a motor vehicle. According to the State of California, it is a class 2 electric bicycle. Great on the knees, rough on my morals, whines like an induction stovetop burner, amazing for intersections.
  • 2022-present - April talked me into putting solar e-assist on my Flevotrike. I find myself biking a little harder when I use the e-assist, too, which is counter-intuitive until I think about it, and also pretty neat. Apparently I use the e-assist to... bike as fast as everyone else does without e-assist.
  • 2024 - All in one day: train, ferry, elevator, elevator, subway, escalator joyride, ferry, train!

Bikes etc.

  • Lightning Thunderbolt (2005~2008) - recumbent bike
  • Lightning Phantom (~2009-2012) - recumbent bike
  • Burley Taiko (2013-2019) - recumbent bike
  • Volae Expedition Pro (2020) - recumbent bike
  • Vision R82 (2018-2020 shared custody) - recumbent tandem bike
  • Flevotrike (2016-2021 shared custody) - moving bottom bracket recumbent trike. NOTE: this bike can be rough on the ulnar nerve if you have ulnar nerve issues.
  • Bikes at Work 96A Bicycle Trailer (2015-present shared custody) - utility trailer
  • Semi homebuilt tandem recumbent with sail and now e-assist (2021 shared custody)
  • Flevotrike (2022-present) - this is the same trike listed above. But April extended the frame, replaced the trunk, built dog basket to my copilot's exacting specifications, added e-assist AND dynohub, replaced the axle and bottom bracket shell, added overhead solar panel. It's only technically the same vehicle. And custody is no longer shared. It looked like a golf cart with solar and pedals, but it was too top-heavy. So now the solar panel has its own Burley flatbed.
  • Not listed: various other Burley-type trailers.

My friends on the wiki (add yourself!)


Tell me about your bike collective! And/or your experience with bikes! --Angel York (talk) 16:35, 8 March 2016 (PST)

Hey look, a job board! "The RAR Jobs Board is a job listing to increase hiring for BIPOC and FTWN-B folks in the cycling and outdoors industries." [note: the FTWN-B means femme, transgender, women and non-binary.] --Angel York (talk) 10:36, 30 June 2021 (PDT)

Hey look, another job board! When jobs get posted to the ThinkTank, they can now get cross-posted here. --Angel York (she/her) (talk) 14:31, 2 May 2022 (PDT)