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From Bike Collectives Wiki

Bike Collective Profile

[Updated: December 10, 2021]

  • Chair of Positive Spin (2013 - current)
    • Lead reorganizer 2012 - 2013
  • Bookkeeper - using GnuCash
  • DevOps - Software Developer & System Administrator
    • YBDB Fork
      • Some Features
        • Highly configurable
        • Customizable and built-in transaction types, e.g. storage transaction with EAB capability
        • Sign-in / Sign-out; hour tracking
        • Volunteer and Membership benefits
        • Reports
        • Etherpad (global and individual)
        • POS / Bookkeeping - exporting GnuCash
        • CRM - Constituent Relationship Management
        • Email List Connector - e.g. Mailman
        • Intuitive transactional record keeping vs shopping cart
        • Optional interest survey, Safer Space Agreement, waiver, etc.
        • Multiple Locations
        • Runs equally well on old and new computer systems: IBM PC 300P Desktop (1gb sdram); Dell Inspiron 8600 Laptop (2gb DDR 333 Memory)
        • Easy to use interface for volunteers with an easy learning curve.
        • Real software for real Community Bike Shops. Tried, tested and trued!
    • FLOSS Software list and demos
      • Test Bike Collective Software
      • Develop Docker Containers
      • Maintain list
    • Presenter @ Bike!Bike! Southeast 2016 in Richmond, VA
    • Presenter @ Bike!Bike! Southeast 2017 in Alexandria, Virginia
    • Presenter @ Bike!Bike! Everywhere! 2021
  • Wiki Administrator with access to backend
  • TheThinkTank Administrator

Contact me: Jonathan Rosenbaum