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Ventura Bike HUB

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The Ventura Bike HUB
Founded 2012
Location Ventura, California, USA
Services Offered
Mission Statement BikeVentura is an active, non-profit, grassroots organization. Our mission is to foster a safe, healthy community through bicycle-centered education, empowerment, and advocacy in Ventura County.
Phone (805) 641-2556

Ventura Bike HUB is ... Everyone welcome, no one turned away! Fun staff and volunteer ran shop to help encourage and empower our community for sustainable transportation.

Contact Info

BikeVentura 490 N. Ventura Avenue Ventura, CA 93001

Shop Number: (805) 641-2556



We "opened" March 2012, and are a project of the Ventura Bicycle Union, which is a project of VCCool. Yah - it's ALL about bikes. We just have lots of ways to slice it. We are continuously growing and learning! Come visit us! Check Website and Social Media for updates! ]

Services Offered

Open Shop is Tueday through Friday 3-7PM and Saturdays 11-3

Come over, bring your bike, and sign in. Then pair up with a volunteer mechanic, put the bike in a stand and work together on it using our tools. We have almost everything you need, call ahead if you need something special. Come have a good time, $5 an hour stand time and cheap used parts!