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56a Bikespace

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56a Bikespace
Founded unknown
Location London, UK
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56a Bikespace is Elephant & Castles D-I-T (Do-It-Together) Bikespace

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Mission Statement

we believe that doing-it-yourself or doing it with friends is the best way to start to take back control over our lives. we believe that learning what we can from one another is better than learning in a class room and that finding things out for yourself is better than being taught by somebody else, and that both are much more fun than paying someone else to do it for you. we believe in the importance of self-reliance, autonomy and environmental sustainability, and a bicycle that you can maintain is all of those things. we have all the tools to live a better life in front of us – all we need to do is pick them up and learn how to use them. where better to start than your bicycle?


56a Bikespace, 56a Crampton Street, London SE17 3AE, England


Currently closed to the public due to the Pandemic, but we continue to accept donations and are always looking for volunteers. We hope to trial re-opening in late may 2021, probably only with Friday shifts 3-7pm.

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