816 Bicycle Collective

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816 Bicycle Collective
Website http://www.816bike.org/
Email the816bike@gmail.com
Founded unknown
Location Kansas City, Missouri, USA
Mission Statement

1. To gather and repair bicycles that would otherwise be disposed of, disregarded or destroyed.

2. To distribute these bicycles to those who need them in exchange for donated time, resources or revenue – dependent on each individuals’ circumstance and means.

3. To increase the amount of people who ride bikes and time spent riding.

4. To educate the various communities in Kansas City about bicycles: including mechanics, maintenance, safety, and potential solutions to related social and environmental issues.

5. To empower individuals by providing the education, materials and skills that facilitate self-reliant transportation.

6. To foster a sense of respect and community among participants that will extend to the greater Kansas City communities.

7. As a collective, we will never exclude or deny any individual or group based on race, class, gender, sexuality, age, ability, or any other aspect of their identity in word or deed.

816 Bicycle Collective is a collective of individuals from diverse backgrounds working on a volunteer basis to rescue & repair bicycles. We believe in empowerment through education and support the use of bicycles as a healthy & ecological means of transportation. We are a community bike shop under the nonprofit the Kansas City Bicycle Federation.

Contact Info

3116 Forest Avenue
Kansas City, Mo 64109


Services Offered

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