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B!B!E! Dress Rehearsal 2022.10.14

From Bike Collectives Wiki


Aaron, Angel, Darin


  • Aaron feels comfortable presenting. Was warned about not being able to see slideshow notes.
  • Discussion of translating slideshow, sharing it with interpreters asap so they have access to vocab.
  • Thanks for the recurring tech donation!
  • Tech infrastructure and backstories
  • B!B! ≠ B!B!E!, more like a "friends-of" situation like how there's a "friends of the library". B!B!E! is the virtual event and we also have the OCF so that we can support anything B!B! might need, and also so we can keep paying for B!B!/B!B!E! shared infrastructure like and
  • davis bike collective and also it is possible Angel and Aaron have interacted at the Davis Bike Collective in ancient times
  • Aaron might be interested in getting more involved
  • Aaron knows some bilingual people who might be interested in interpreting, Darin will connect Aaron with Nat to see if Nat's up for training interpreters if Aaron's friends are up for interpreting. They're from the bike community, yay!
  • Aaron will work on social media outreach with an emphasis on bilingual communities