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B!B!E! Meeting 2022.08.25b

From Bike Collectives Wiki


  • Review and flesh out OCF page (A&D)
  • Talk to all core volunteers (planning and tech) about a workshop covering "how we make B!B!E! happen" - what tasks we're doing, what changes we've made, what needs to be done, what we need volunteers to step up for, what resources are available, including OCF. Pre-list topics so we can make sure everything gets covered. (A&D)

  • OCF can do "webhooks" that integrate with Discord. What does this mean? -Angel York (she/her) (talk) 00:54, 29 August 2022 (PDT)


  • Draft tech budget to put on OCF (Using what Godwin wrote up, Angel starts draft [DONE], Darin finishes, then we run it past G&J, get it translated, publish to OCF)
  • Is it going to be a problem having all the passwords for our hosting account stored in PassBolt running on that very same hosting account? (D ask J)
  • Is there anything else we should consider spinning out to an existing service-specific hosting provider (e.g. we shouldn't bother running our own DNS server) (D ask G&J)
  • Prioritize creating test instances of everything and documenting all aspects of it (including setup) because that'll help onboard volunteers - they won't need to put in as much time asking us for access and making sure they don't break critical infrastructure (note for next meeting, esp. for J)