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B!B!E! Meeting Minutes 2022.05.11

From Bike Collectives Wiki


  • Leo (Pedal Autónomo)
  • Cass (they/them) (Pedal Autónomo)
  • Carla
  • Angel (she/her)
  • Darin (he/him)
  • Natalia / Nat

Language & Language Justice

  • Engaging Spanish speaking communities is a priority this year!
  • This meeting was in English, probably mostly to accomodate Darin & Angel


  • We need to make another attempt to contact Mujerx al Pedal in CDMX - Darin will do this
  • Nat heard a rumor that it might be in October, not sure where. She will ask around and see if anyone knows more.

Online Resources related to Bike!Bike! & Bike collectives

Outreach Strategy ideas

  • Post videos from last year on social media, thinktank, etc. with quotes/excerpts/summaries and a ¨let´s do it again!" message
  • thinktank email list is the primary way to reach organizations in US and Canada
  • consider including all kinds of bike community groups, not just shops and formal organizations
  • we need to focus on outreach to latin american and other spanish-speaking groups this year

Documents & Info to share with other coordinators

(things that don´t have links will be shared by email for privacy reasons)

Role updates

  • Nat & Leo are doing coordination
  • Carla is available to assist with coordination and other tasks as needed
  • Darin and Angel are available to support, provide access to resources, share institutional memory, etc.


  • There is an Instagram account from Tijuana ( that we should try to get access to. Nat will ask around in TJ.
  • We can set aside some time to update wiki entries on Latin American organizations together
  • The wiki needs Spanish-language user verification questions (it no longer requires that an administrator approve new accounts)

Next Meeting

  • same time next week (8pm Eastern / 5pm Pacific on Wednesday)
  • share with ThinkTank and others who might be interested in getting involved
  • start making decisions!