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B!B!E! Planning Meeting 2022.06.15

From Bike Collectives Wiki

Questions in the registration process

We cannot currently change these questions; they are built into the code for We can change the text on the front page of the website and in a few other places.

  • Safer Space Agreement
  • Name & Pronouns
  • What languages do you speak?
  • Do you participate in a community bike organization?
  • Which city or town is the organization based in?
  • Confirm location
  • Which organization? (Or add a new one if none of the above)
  • Arrival date?
  • Departure date?
  • Housing?
  • Eating habits?
  • Do you need to borrow a bike?
  • Do you plan to attend the group ride?
  • Any other information for the organizers? (Needs/preferences we should know about)
  • Registration fee method?
  • Registration fee amount?

Action Items / To-do list

  • (Darin) Make sure everyone has sufficient access to ✓
  • (Optional) translate the timeline on Miro into English
  • (Nat) Contact Ifny via signal to see if they have the password for the Instagram bikebikeorg account (Angel did some research and thinks Ifny may be the person who set up the account) 6/22 update nat will do this
  • (Nat) If unable to contact Ifny or if Ifny doesn't have the insta account, Nat can set up a B!B!E! account and follow everyone who was following bikebikeorg. Angel gave Nat the bikebikeeverywhere gmail password so the insta account can be associated with that email address. 6/22 update nat will do this
  • (Angel) Ask Godwin to finish setting up a Bike!Bike!Everywhere! conference on ✓
  • (Carla and/or Leo?) Start writing content for the front page of and for the first big email announcement. Make sure to get it done in time for review and translation! Consider checking past conferences for inspiration and/or canned language. 6/22 update: Carla will work on this.
  • (Angel) Ask BQAM-E if they're interested in helping translate written materials into French, or if they know someone who is. (goal: build capacity for french interpretation in future years) ✓
  • (Nat) Scan a better copy of the B!B!E!22 flyer this week; prepare a template for the program that can be quickly filled in later. 6/22 update nat will do this
  • (?) Collect contact information for more bike organizations, especially Spanish-language ones, so we can invite them to B!B!E!. Contact bike communities, not just community workshops. 6/22 update carla will write a volunteer request email and we will have a work party at 7pm PST on June 29 Wednesday.
  • (Nat) Start contacting translation / interpretation volunteers from B!B!E!21, B!B!TJ, etc. 6/22 update nat will do this
  • (Darin & Angel?) Start contacting tech volunteers from last year? 6/22 update angel and darin will do this
  • (?) Write welcome email for workshop presenters. Includes:
    • Scheduling survey (when are you available to host this workshop? doodle poll)
    • Request workshop materials for translation & word list
    • Link to presenter resources from last year as appropriate

    • 6/22 update - carla can do this when the time comes to do this. will start thinking about this and will be ready.

News & Updates

  • Nat tried texting Valeria from Resiste Pedal / Mujerx al Pedal in CDMX but hasn't gotten any answer to questions about B!B!CDMX
  • Bici Disidentes in Tijuana no longer exists, but Rabia Callejera is now in the same location
  • Nat has been updating angé, who is interested in being involved again this year. Training for people who don't have interpretation experience is a possibility.


  • Translation & Interpretation team will track to-dos and completed work with their own spreadsheet like last year
  • We should leave some gaps in the schedule for last-minute workshops
  • Allow as much time as possible for translating written workshop materials, at least two weeks. Mention this when presenters sign up and in initial email communications; explain that it is about accessibility. Get list of uncommon words likely to come up in the workshop, too.