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B!B!E! Planning Meeting 2022.06.29

From Bike Collectives Wiki
  • Cat from the Quebec interpretation community got back to us and is not available but could put the word out. Nat will follow up via email.
  • Carla drafted 3 things - announcement email about B!B!E!22, announcement about the workparty, and text for
    • Nat reviewed the translation of the first email. The last pararaphs differ slightly, pick a version and it should be ready to send
    • Let Carla know if you have comments/suggestions about the emails
    • Add something to the announcement and/or front page explaining why registration is so early
  • In the future, it's probably fine if most emails get drafted and send without being reviewed by all of us.
  • Workparty (for gathering contact info of various orgs so we can invite them)
    • Was scheduled for after this meeting, but we were all busy and/or offline and didn't get the announcement email sent. We could do another one...
    • Leo will send the announcement email for the workparty on Friday
    • 2nd workparty will be scheduled for next Wednesday (June 6) at the same time we normally have meetings
    • Nat can't make it (nephew's birthday); Carla should be able to; Angel&Darin aren't sure but will try
    • Might be a good idea to start the workparty with an intro to what we've done on B!B!E! this year, what our plans are, etc. (show the miro timeline) so people know why we're doing this
  • Ifny doesn't have the Insta acct. Someone from Chile who Leo knows doesn't either. Nat plans to set up a new Insta account.
  • Nat sent an updated high-res scan of the flyer with new lettering - Leo will take a look an try to post it on
  • new potential volunteer Ben needs to be added to mailing list - Darin will put instructions for this on the wiki
  • Angel wants to start handing off responsibility for answering emails. Leo can take this for a while? Maybe we can take turns with it?
  • Request: keep email discussion in one email thread; that way it's easier to track down documents, links, etc.
  • Next meeting 2 weeks from now, pending confirmation of which day