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B!B!E! Planning Meeting 2022.09.07

From Bike Collectives Wiki


Angel, Darin, Leo, Nat


  • Interpretation coordination update?
  • Has anyone been sharing workshops with Nat so they can go on social media?
  • Create email to presenters (congratulation you signed up to do a workshop) - darin has a list of things we need to include. It is at the bottom the email templates doc that Carla created in google drive.
  • Update the website to say that workshop proposals are closed but you can still sign up to attend.
  • Translation tracking? (what's been done and who's doing it, with a spreadsheet like last year)
  • Workshop descriptions need translations
  • We need a very brief video clip explaining Zoom's interpretation feature that we can play at the beginning of each workshop. Darin can put most of it together (recording screenshots, recording English language explanation, editing in someone else's voice explaining in Spanish), but it would be best to have a fluent Spanish speaker do the Spanish-language part. Who's up for recording themself talking on camera?
  • We maybe should repeatedly tell presenters they need to say a single sentence asking people to donate and/or thanking people for their donations somewhere in their workshop and maybe another optional sentence explaining why. In the email we send them, again at the dress rehearsal, and also in whatever the last email they receive before the event is.


  • we need to ask presenters for their availability for dress rehearsal (around beginning of october, a week after the meeting) and presenter meeting with planners (on a wednesday planning meeting?) and workshop at event. angel will make the doodle polls. For the presenter/planner meeting we will need paid interpretation. Other interpreters are welcome to join for fun. Interpretation is very mentally taxing so we need 2 at all times. Nat can interpret and find someone else.
  • we still have a workshop to add manually
  • Leo will ask Juan if there is going to be a pedaludico workshop
  • Interpreters will be: kema, nat, and a bunch of people from Tijuana who have interpreted in the past.
  • Nat will put together a spreadsheet to track translation & interpretation work, and contact info for translation/interpreters
  • Friday deadline the email to workshop presenters that darin and Leo are drafting now.
  • darin will make an zoom usage video for the starts of workshops. nat will do the spanish.
  • leo wants to make fliers for the workshops/presentations that everyone can share