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B!B!E! Planning Meeting 2022.10.05

From Bike Collectives Wiki


planning meeting

Carla showed up before anyone else and couldn't get into the meeting. Darin, Angel, Nat, Leo,

presenter meeting

Darin, Angel, Nat, Leo, Ivonne, LLoyd, Jonathan, Flo



At the planning meeting, we discussed finishing the workshop schedule mostly I think. And the fact that Nat will have interpreters for the event but is going it alone for tonight's meeting and the dress rehearsals. The interpreters already know how to use the Zoom interpretation feature. There should be two interpreters so they can trade off but Nat will do all the interpretation tonight by herself.

We didn't talk about this at the meeting, but Darin checked the discord translation bot and made sure we didn't need to re-up the translation bot donation. It still has more credits in it than we used last year, so we should be good.

Nat has a meeting scheduled with Kema this Friday.


interpreted by nat

  • How to use the interpretation feature (we need to prepare a video for that! I think that's Darin)
  • A brief look at the Miro planning board
  • introductions
  • 10-minute break
  • Reassurance that the workshop schedule is coming soon
  • end interpretation, mini dress rehearsal for LLoyd.
  • Brief discussion of facilitation

mini dress rehearsal

Did a mini dress rehearsal for LLoyd who wasn't going to be able to attend the scheduled times