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B!B!E! Planning Meeting 2023.06.12

From Bike Collectives Wiki
1. Deliberations around start date for B!B!E!
2. Recommendations
3. Further Action

Deliberations around start date for B!B!E!

Rachel noted that knowing the roles and responsibilities involved will help in planning and to figure out where more people are needed.

For example, who sets agenda for meetings and takes minutes. Angie suggested secretary role should be rotated every so often.

April shared the wiki page describing all the roles and responsibilities involved:!Bike!_Everywhere!_Volunteer_Roles.

Last year more interpreters would have been useful. Malibe offers to coordinate the interpreters.

Angie, Rachel, and Malibe concurred in need for more participants in planning commitee.  

Angel and April observed that adding more people does not necessarily mean decreasing the work load.

Angie and Malibe will not be able to commit time to a November date and a possible event date for October was discussed.  

April, Aaron, and Angel note that pushing it a month earlier might not be viable as planning is starting a month late.

In terms of recruiting folks to join the steering committee, April and Angel calculate that could take at least a month.


First calls for interpreters should be made in the bike communties using the bike!bike! collective network.

Aaron recommended that we make an effort to contact the Mexico City organizers for in person gathering for updates and to sound out interest in participating in planning committee for B!B!E!.  He also suggests  sharing a poll on social media platforms and listservs to gauge interest in terms of dates either in the fall or the following year (such as february 2024).

Aaron et al recommend we use all resources (social media and bike collective newsletters) to recuit for planning commitee and interpreters.  

Taking advantage of the 2023 Foro Mundial de Bicicleta and  an in person Bike!Bike! gathering (if it were to take place) to announce the date of the B!B!E! online gathering would be a great strategy to ensure strong attendance.  This is also a reason to push it forward a couple of months. Another reason is that we could have a captive audience during the slow season in northern community bike shops.

Further Action

In the future, the Bike! Bike!Everywhere! calendar account  will be used to set next meeting as well as using zoom account as it is has call-in option.

Angie will attempt to reach out to Mexico City organizers about in person gathering and to invite to participate in B!B!E! steering committee.

Next tasks include:

- running a poll about date preference for B!B!E! gathering on social media and newsletters

- make a table of the roles and responsibilities to decide where the current committee members want to participate and find out in what roles more people are needed

- to make an annoucement that we need volunteers in x and y roles.