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B!B!E! Planning Meeting 2024.02.20

From Bike Collectives Wiki


leo, rachel, angé, nat, gitana, angel, april, angie

BB/BBE Poll Discussion

Leo remarked on how North and South American collectives have different community bike initiatives/projects, ie. North American collectives are more centered on bike kitchens than South American collectives.

The poll can be used to get to know the individuals and collectives that comprises the AT large Bike!Bike! and BBE community and what their needs are. Basic demographics, past experience with BB and BBE will be asked about, as well as polling open ended questions the kind of projects or bike-mobility related activities they´re involved in to gauge the kind of workshops they´d like to see.

The survey will also try to gauge interest in holding an online assembly where the time and location for in-person BB could be discussed. The survey results will also be shared with assembly attendees and could be another opportunity to get more feedback for planning a BBE gathering.

The at large community will be given 2 weeks (secretly 3 weeks) to answer the poll with reminders at the 1st week mark and at the 2nd week mark.

¨ You have 2 weeks to answer. You have only one week left to answer. You have a bonus week to answer. ¨

A survey on travel/housing related needs that was created for a previous assembly could be shared with assembly attendees and/or future in person BB organizers.

BBE Planning Timeline

April reminded us we are in the volunteer recruitment stage, event theme decision-making stage, the stage for developing collective/organization outreach, diversity, and language justice strategies. It's also about the right time for planners & other volunteers to start thinking about any specific roles or tasks they want to take on based on skills, interests, and availability. She was reading from the timeline: 9 months before the event, and 8 months before the event

The planning timeline was created considering the best practices learned and emphasizes when certain tasks should take place.

People who can create a new conference on right now

Angel, April, and Jonathan [Godwin and Momoko also have access].

Event organizers get admin access for the details of their conference.

Future Action

We will be adding our comments/notes to the poll shared by Rachel on Google Sheets.

Before sending out the survey we will be meeting in 2 weeks’ time on March 5th at 3pm PST/5PM CDMX to go over those comments and to decide on the distribution channels and dates.

angé requested to confirm 72 hours before the next meeting if interpretation will be needed.