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Founded 2006
Location L.A., California, USA
Campus n/a
Mission Statement Bikerowave’s primary mission is to empower the cycling public by providing affordable hands-on education about bicycle repair and maintenance. We aim to provide the space and tools necessary to assist cyclists in repairing and maintaining their own bicycles. We also seek to serve as a community center for Westside cyclists by providing a venue for gatherings and events. We are a not-for-profit, all-volunteer organization that strives to be eco-friendly in all aspects of its operation. We believe the success of our mission will lead to a safer, stronger, larger and more vital Westside cycling community.

Bikerowave is a bicycle repair collective, much like the Bicycle Kitchen or the Bike Oven here in LA County, or The Bicycle Tree in Orange County. We provide space, tools, and equipment in order to effectively teach people how to build, repair, and maintain their bicycles. We are a not-for-profit all volunteer member run organization. Our goal is to empower cyclists with the basic knowledge to maintain their steed, as well as enable them to more easily connect with the cycling community.


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12255 Venice Blvd. Mar Vista, CA 90066



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