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Brookings Community Bicycle Collective

From Bike Collectives Wiki

This organization is no longer in operation as of ~2012.

Brookings Community Bicycle Collective
Founded 2009
Location Brookings, South Dakota, United States
Services Offered
Mission Statement The mission of the Brookings Community Bicycle Collective is to promote the use and appeal of bicycles within the Brookings area as a sensible and sustainable mode of transportation and recreation. With bicycle recycling as its primary function, the collective will pursue its mission through collaborative education, as a multi-faceted community service, and by providing affordable and personable means by which to render bicycling a more accessible activity.

Brookings Community Bicycle Collective is a community service for the greater Brookings area and regional Eastern South Dakota to provide means of access to all manner bicycle related resources, encouraging and preserving the growth of the local bicycling community through advocacy, education, recycling and refurbishing, and by making available a public hackerspace,so to speak.

Contact Info

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Phone: (605)651-4649
Or just walk on in during shop hours!