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Community Cycleworks

From Bike Collectives Wiki
Community Cycleworks
Founded 2012
Location Walworth, London, United Kingdom
Services Offered
Mission Statement A non-profit bike project giving young people opportunities to learn to ride, repair their bicycles, and explore the world by bike.

Community Cycleworks is an organisation that wants a healthier, cleaner and more sustainable world in which all young people have access to a bike, the skills to repair and the desire to ride for transport, health and discovery.

Contact Info

See our website contact form->


Stewart Vanns and Matt Beale-Collins formed Community Cycleworks in 2012 in answer to the problem of many children regularly complaining they couldn’t take part in the free Bikeability training and not being able to cycle as much as they wanted due to either, not having a bike or their bike being broken and them or their parents not having the skills and confidence to carry out basic repairs. Coupled with the ‘throw away’ culture, which saw many bikes being discarded unnecessarily that could be refurbished easily with some second hand parts. This spurred us on to create an organisation to work with young people and give them a safe space to learn repair skills for themselves, use second hand parts to keep costs low and give them access to an exciting programme of varied cycling activities to broaden their horizons and inspire them to cycle more.

Services Offered

  • Free DIY/DIT workshop

Fridays 3-6pm Saturday 12-4pm

New and secondhand parts available - small charge for these. Tiered pricing available too for those on benefits, pensions, students, low income, or U18 etc.

  • Paid stand time

2nd and 4th Tuesday every month, three month pilot starting 14th May. More info coming soon!

  • Classes

Coming soon!

  • Mass ride support for Southwark rides

Upcoming: IBikeLondon - Star Wars/Superheroes ride on Saturday 4th May Big Ride 4 Palestine on Saturday 10th August

Completed: Kidical Mass on Sunday 24th March

  • Fix-a-Bike - school classes

Primarily aimed at Year 6 students but equally brilliant for Year 4, 5, 7, 8, 9 and beyond. Students learn basic bike repairs and route planning skills. Currently only available in London, please get in touch if you want to find out more.