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Derailer Bicycle Collective

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Derailer Bicycle Collective
Note: this may be a departed business.  Their website appears to have expired as of November 2016.

The Derailer Bicycle Collective is a free, non-profit, all volunteer, collectively run community bicycle shop on the west side of Denver. We are open to everyone, however we prioritize people from our neighborhood and those with few options.

Because we believe bicycles are the most affordable, sustainable, efficient, healthy, environmentally friendly, FUN, and liberating form of transportation and recreation, the Derailer Bicycle Collective aims to teach and share knowledge about bikes and bike maintenance to anyone and everyone.

Location & Hours

411 Lipan St.
Denver, CO 80204

  • Thursday & Friday 3-7: General shop day, Build-A-Bike & Fix-A-Bike
  • Tuesday 4-7: Same as above, but for Women, Girls, and Transgender folks only
  • 2nd & 4th Sunday of the month 1-4: Help Day!




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