Earn-A-Bike Funding Proposal

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The purpose of this the Earn-A-Bike Funding Proposal is to create a sustainable Earn-A-Bike program for the Salt Lake City Bicycle Collective.

Funding Themes

  • Pollution Prevention
  • Recycling
  • Safety
  • Obesity Epidemic
  • Science & Technology (Engineering)

Funding Sources

  • Utah State Engineering Society
  • Lance Armstrong's New Foundation
  • State Department of Health
  • UDOT
  • Rotary Club

Curriculum Objectives

Every Earn-A-Bike course is different. The kids that we service are coming from after school. This means their brains have had just about enough and they need to relax a bit, they can't focus for long, and they want to have a good time. Luckily bike mechanics are a very tactile medium that can still reach them in this state.

To keep the most effective curriculum possible, the kids set their own pace. The first day we outline the time they will have in class, what parts they need to accomplish, and how long each part will take them. How they manage their time is very much up to them. The driving factor of course being can I finish my bike in time? This gives the instructor(s) a flexible schedule to adapt to each child's learning experience based on the child's motivation and energy. That sprinkled with subliminal pushes to do more and better makes for the ideal learning environment.

Curriculum Sections