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Fort Collins Bike Coop Volunteer Manual

From Bike Collectives Wiki

Training Manual for Volunteers of the Fort Collins Bike Coop

Shop Rules

Every Person Using the facility is required to:

  • Leave no trace
    • Put all tools away before you go
    • Don't leave any parts, supplies, grease cans, lube bottles laying around.
    • Put everything back the way you found it.
    • Check your pockets, did you forget about that wrench?
  • Tag Everything Related to your project
    • All Parts left untagged will be put back into the community bins
  • Tool Breakage
    • Tools get old and break, that's the way things go
    • Let the Lead Volunteer know so that a new tool can be ordered
  • Clean the grease off any parts you didn't use before they go back into the community bins

Everyday Procedures

Opening Shop

  • The Shop should be pristine and ready to start the day right when you come in.
    • If the shop isn't then make it that way, make a note of what's out of place, and let the shop Coordinator know.
  • Check the answering machine and take notes for the messages left.
  • Check the "Things To Do" board and take care of anything that needs to be done before opening.
  • Check outside to see if any donations were improperly dumped out front.

Closing Shop

  • Make sure all workstations have all tools.
  • Make sure all workstations are clean.
    • Return any unused parts to the community bins
  • Leave notes on the "Things To Do" board of unresolved issues for the next day.


We Recycle Steel, Aluminum, Rubber, and all paper products

  • Aluminum
    • Usually lighter then steel
    • NOT Magnetic
    • NOT Rusty
  • Steel
    • Magnetic
    • Rust=Steel
  • Stainless Steel
    • Slightly Magnetic
    • Tends to be slightly more shiny than Aluminum
  • Mixed (Breakage) If a component is made up of more than one material it is known as breakage. We recycle breakage.

Bike Knowledge

Frames, wheels, handlebars, seats, brakes, just the basics...

Bike Knowledge II

Standard vs. French Threads, Odd ball Components


Brands to avoid


Organizations we work with
Shop Slang
Events we participate in